Hello ^^;

As mentioned at my doll blog, the old theme of this site was no longer supported and was not working properly, so I ended up making a quick update ^^;

The previous site looked like below:

Some things may look odd here while I get things sorted out, I don’t want to repeat myself so here is a link to the post at the doll blog! Hope all are well with you! Sorry, I turned off comments because there is a bit too much spam here and it is a lot more difficult to update. Thank you everyone who supported me on my patreon at during a difficult time.


I had a splash of inspiration and decided to try to enter the Threadless challenge! :D

Pretty please vote for my design! ^O^!

Other mumbo jumbo — cats and miscellaneous life/food documentation…

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Short random stuff

Can’t remember stuff if I don’t post about it ^^;

I know I need to catch up on some art stuff and post them, but also want to keep track of what’s been going on, other than food abuse (LOL) ^^;

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Steveston adventure with visitor

A friend from Singapore was visiting and stayed with us for a little bit :) Thankfully the weather was very cooperative, and we had a nice time hanging out :D

Her stay was rather short so I was also trying to spend time catching up with her since I have not seen her in years!

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Canon Lens EF 50mm 1:1.4

Some relatives from out of town came and went and Husband got a suddenly aquired lens, I tried it out (with husband’s T1i) quickly one evening and I love it! :)

As you know we have 2 active young furkids, Ginko and Yoshi, they become the instant subjects. (Above is Ginko)

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Fan art and random stuff

Yes! An overdue post!  Say Hello to Mio and Azusa chan fan art which I made for Anime Evolution 2009 ^^;

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Anime Evolution – sneaky peek

First AnimeEvolution entry coming next week! Here’s a sneaky peek what was involved…

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Over due art post etc

Sorry, been a while since I posted any artwork I know ^^; Just so many things to do, sometimes my personal art does take a back seat to everything else ^^; Here are a couple artwork which I sketched when I was at the cruise with family :3

Below is one inspired by a girl wearing a red bikini ^o^ I might as well throw in a girl in striped blue and white 2 piece huh? :P

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New look for the blogs!

Thanks to my husband’s help, both my blogs acquired a new look! :D  I would like to take this opportunity to also thank everyone who take time to come by and comment/support my sites all this while!  We hope you like the new look! ^o^

New look of puppy52art:

New look of puppy52dolls:

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Summer heat completed!

Luckily I did not have to take a whole week to complete this one :P

After dinner, continued cleaning up and colouring and now it is done ^^! Clicking on the image below will get you a slightly larger image, I have also updated it into Gallery page under Colour ^^/

This image is cleaned up and coloured in photoshop :3

okie gonna continue doing some work before zzzz ^^;;;