Sorry, just realised my last post was last Saturday ^^; Just been a little too busy and quite overwhelmed, recently found out that my team got into finals for blythe beauty contest 2009, and many more things to do/plan from there still! ^^;/

This year is my 5th spring in Canada :D I dare say it is one of my favourite seasons, despite the hayfever and sinus headaches it causes husband and I ^^;

These cherryblossom pictures are taken on my way to work at the shop. This year we seem to keep missing the good weather on weekends ^^;

Waiting for bus…

Love being able to see the skies like this :) but there’s plenty of high rises coming up these days =_=;

It’s nice to see tulips popping out as the weather gets more pleasant :D

Very nice not to freeze butt off when hanging outside ^^;

Furry kids are living the high life now apparently lol naps in afternoon… Below is Yoshi, who is looking more like a cat now :3

Awwww sleepy Ginko :)

Adorable paws!

Yoshi looks small in the basket ^^; Meowmeow filled it up way more ^^;


A work in progress for you know who ^^;

Today was nice, unfortunately husband was not feeling too well so we just ran some errands and head straight home despite the goregous weather ^^;

One of the places we dropped by after a quick lunch :9 We over ate despite eating a bit later than normal ^^; So was feeling gross lol

Oh food pix a head! lol We tried a Vietnamese place we haven’t been to before :) It used to be a Bubble tea place, but they changed hands. It was rather quiet when we went tho, so we had the whole restraurant to ourselves ^^;

After we ordered, food came rather quickly :9

Spring rolls were really good! Crispy on outside, juicy inside, and freshly fried ^^;  I loved the cucmber slices and the slightly dressed shredded cabbage ^^

I ordered this, but I’m actually not sure if I like it as much as the spring rolls lol!

Husband’s order :3 yum!

Hope all of you had a nice weekend :P Man I’m tired ^^; should go to bed soon ^^;/

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11 Responses to Spring and things

  1. OOh what your husband ordered is what we usually order at our local Pho place. Good stuff! Good enough to recommend the place? Even though it’s really quiet? ^^;

  2. Blowfish says:

    Ahhh….Those pictures make me feel all warm inside.Im glad that its getting warm and shunshiny now.enough of that rainy weather

  3. chibinezumi says:

    aww.. sleepy heads :3 Spring does make you feel refreshed. Food looks tasty hmm now I’m hungry!

  4. Ayu says:

    Ohhh so yummy… I miss real home-cooked Chinese food T_T hehe, if you don’t like your noodle bowl I’ll gladly take them!

  5. Michael Flux says:

    Nom nom nom, the food looks great!

    And nice photos of the flowers. Also took a ton of such photos and will be posting my photos today probably ^_^

  6. chun says:

    @lightningsabre I think the restaurant probably only changed hands quite recent so maybe people dunno that it exists? I only found out from a blog called not long ago lol

    @Blowfish awww too much rain is depressing alright =_=

    @chibinezumi hehe! find something to nom!

    @Ayu hehe it’s actually vietnamese :9~~~

    @Michael Flux huhu I want some spring rolls again ^^;;; I’ll go check em out! :D:D thanks for heads up!

  7. Oh forgot to say… Happy 5th Spring Anniversary! Me should check out that site too.

  8. aprilius20 says:

    Those pics look comfy… it’s either sudden rain or sauna here>,<

  9. suki.luna says:

    aww~ your cats are so ADORABLE! :D

  10. rangerroh says:

    Nice weather! I hear that Canadian spring weather feels like winter. Pho taste the best after drinking / hangover. ^^

  11. chun says:

    @lightningsabre thanks! heheh

    @aprilius20 Awww sorry to hear ^^; too much rain is just blah~

    @suki.luna thank you!

    @rangerroh oh! canadian spring is alright, I love it when the flowers comes out :)! Pho is good on a cold evening lol!

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