I had a splash of inspiration and decided to try to enter the Threadless challenge! :D

Pretty please vote for my design! ^O^!

Other mumbo jumbo — cats and miscellaneous life/food documentation…

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LOL cats

Sorry, been busy ^^; will probably be busy for a while, but have to share these before I forget ^^; be warned tho, I couldn’t stop yawning when I edited these photos ^^;

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from Puppy with Love – flash back

Last couple weeks I got a few people asking me why 52 in puppy52?

The short: Puppy= Xiao gou 小狗
was my pen name when I submitted comic strips to the papers in my teens,
52 looked like a heart shape so the meaning = puppy love.

The picture above is the scan of the cover of my first book, drawn in my late 16, published when I was around 17 years old. It was entitled “from puppy with love” and designed such that to look as if it says “Puppy Love”. It was my first attempt to draw something that over 100 pages, and there is countless mistakes in it which I am embarrassed to mention!

I’m not very proud of the standard of my work inside, but I am still to date thankful for the chance to have it published at my tender teenage years. I must also thank the countless people who helped me made it possible then, it was definitely an experience of a lifetime!

The long of it, and the foreword which cracked me up still…

Thank you gordon for helping me with the script (which I hope I am using correctly!)

Photoshop, when how much is too much?

One day I was checking out I came across this site by accident.
PhotoshopDisasters. Can you believe some people actually get paid for doing this kinda work? :P

Mind you, I myself do a little bit too much tweaking on photoshop sometimes, if not all the time!

A recent example of my over tweaking below:

The one on the left is the original art, and one on the right is tweaked in photoshop.
If I could choose, I would rather to not have to do so much tweaking, as it seems to make the original art kinda blah. So these days, if I have some artwork sketched out without feeling that I need to do too much photoshop tweaking to it I would be quite happy! ^

Many years ago, I remember having carefully coloured an artwork before in photoshop, posted it up (being quite satisfied with it) and having someone tell me that I got the thumb on the wrong side on one hand LOL (oops!)

While visiting some artist friends in the states earlier this year, we were also talking about the over-usage of the photoshop filter “lense flare” probably when was just introduced into photoshop at the time — finished your artwork? Let’s add some “lense flare”! :P Eyes not sparkley enough? Yup “lense flare”! LOL

There’s probably a fine line between what’s enough and what’s too much no?

Inspirational people –

All your dreams are… Alive!

I was checking out some links I check every other day (Sometimes everyday or hour :P) and I noticed that Chris was doing a wrap up on his recent Live show. I watched it and felt like I was so moved I could cry. Chris owns on the internet and he posts movie clips he produces by himself every monday.

Chris’ regular weekly shows are not usually so “documentary”, they’re mostly entertaining and humorous in a slightly twisted manner, filled with cuteness and sometimes (if not all the time) drips with sarcasm and also includes a plastic horse or 2 for laughs ;D (okay and some hot people here and there too)

You probably would think that short clip each week is probably easy to make. But trust me it is not, having been in hours of recording to make 10 minutes clips before, I know Chris definitely puts effort to make it happen almost every monday possibly with his precious weekends, who knows possibly weekdays too, when a lot of people probably just want to relax and enjoy themselves.

I had the sheer luck to run into him in person May of 2007 when I was out on a small blythedoll meeting, and since he actually asked about our dolls that brave man (LOL)! I thought he looked familiar, and realized that he is Chris from (what a small world!) Funny thing was, I actually had came across his site ages ago when he (randomly?) added me on myspace — possibly kinda like “handing out free tickets” to watch his show. I guess his shows had made an impression because it was pretty quirky and unique and I tend to remember faces :P

The point of this post is? Go check out! I would like to help hand out some “free tickets” to his online shows!