Christmas craft and Cats

Last minute craft! LOL hopefully no birds will try to eat the pompoms ^^;

Time for LOL cats! :P Star of the show, Ginko!

I yawned when I see these photos ^^;

The limit….

Yummy paw is yum

Yummy brother is yummy :3 Was really amused when she put her paw on Yoshi’s head to hold his head still so she can groom him XD

Who’s tail is that?

First bake at home :D It’s still cooling down, the cracks will close when it’s completely cooled XD I know it looks kinda scary, but it’s very delicious ^^; The cheese cake is light and fluffy,  top part slightly browned, giving it a slightly caramelised taste :D Recipe here ^^/

Mokotan and Vivi helped made Xmas possible ;P Moar here ^^/

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