I had a splash of inspiration and decided to try to enter the Threadless challenge! :D

Pretty please vote for my design! ^O^!

Other mumbo jumbo — cats and miscellaneous life/food documentation…

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Old comic art revisited

So I been quite busy with work, but I had been meaning to put some older work up tho (Like REALLY old stuff). Pardon the quality of my old art ^^; ), and I also wanted to test out some flash related coding ^^; I hope it works without breaking anyone’s internet :P

This little story was from one of the Manga Doomei publications (kinda like a group collaboration) and the story happened to be one of my personal favourite (other than that my artwork is really not up to standard LOL) I should be putting this file into gallery later on :)

Question: ^^; Should I put comics on a flash template?
Anyone cannot see anything under this sentence?

from Puppy with Love – flash back

Last couple weeks I got a few people asking me why 52 in puppy52?

The short: Puppy= Xiao gou 小狗
was my pen name when I submitted comic strips to the papers in my teens,
52 looked like a heart shape so the meaning = puppy love.

The picture above is the scan of the cover of my first book, drawn in my late 16, published when I was around 17 years old. It was entitled “from puppy with love” and designed such that to look as if it says “Puppy Love”. It was my first attempt to draw something that over 100 pages, and there is countless mistakes in it which I am embarrassed to mention!

I’m not very proud of the standard of my work inside, but I am still to date thankful for the chance to have it published at my tender teenage years. I must also thank the countless people who helped me made it possible then, it was definitely an experience of a lifetime!

The long of it, and the foreword which cracked me up still…

Thank you gordon for helping me with the script (which I hope I am using correctly!)