Lumix LX3

Our current 3 year old point and shoot digital camera is not meeting our expectations these days, especially during low light condition. So me and hubsband decided to give LX3 a try — thanks to seeing some recommendations in the comments on and Danny’s own photos. The nice thing about some (not all) of the stores in Canada is that we at least have a 14 day return policy, so we can actually try the camera for that period of time to see if it’s a keeper :)

Yoshi under the chair (click for larger image)

So far we’re still trying to get used to the different features and functions, so not all photos are picture perfect. So if you’re curious to see what pictures we took with the LX3, this entry is for you :) Be warned tho, there’s food pix ahead!

Ginko looking puzzled (click for larger image)

Late morning coffee (click for larger image)

Afternoon nap for the good life cats (click for larger image)

After playing all morning, must zzz (click for larger image)

After a trip to Ikea… we returned home with a lot of boxes ^^; We were using a different series of Ikea boxes which was not very well designed and were slowly phasing them out ^^; This was the final stage lol

I used up most of the boxes ^^; All these boxes went into our wardrobe ^^; I know, I have a fabric problem :P

Ready for food abuse pix? :P Yes Gordon I probably need to exercise more ^^; (camera make my head look even bigger ^^;)

The glass is rather distorted from this view :3 (click for larger image)

Burger at White Spot then errands ^^; Below is Cheddar Bacon burger ^^; (click for larger image)

Monty Mushroom ^^; (click for larger image)


Dinner at a friend’s place, he took some cooking classes and the results are delicious!  (click for larger image)

Bread pudding (home made bread), caramel cashew in shape of a droplet, vanilla ice cream, all home made, and very delicious! We were very lucky! ^o^ (click for larger image)


This was a picture of my husband’s burger from a BBQ I missed ^^; I needed to get some stuff I had been putting off done =_=; And I had burger the day before already (see above) so :P It was a warm and goregous day, great for BBQ!  (click for larger image)

Amazing day, feels like a mild summer day ^^;

But sometimes this kinda weather = bad case of hayfever ^^;

Husband took some lovely photos ^o^ I did some adjusting in photoshop for only selected photos. (click for larger image)

Our thoughts so far: Due to the wide angle lens some images (especially macros) appear somewhat distorted (barrel distortion), and husband wishes that the JPG compression could be better, as there tend to be some strange artifacts when we look at the photos at 100%. I guess it really depends on if we intend to blow up any photos we take, otherwise if we actually print the photos in regular sizes it should not be too obvious. Still gotta take more pictures to see if it is something we can live with :3

More later!

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  1. Tomio
    Tomio says:

    Excellent camera choice!
    You must be pleased.

    It’d difficult to find a camera that takes good low light shots and the Lumix does better than most.

  2. chun
    chun says:

    @Tomio hahaha me and husband were thinking that we’re so spoilt with technology these days ^^;; I look forward to doing more experimental shots with it!

  3. chibinezumi
    chibinezumi says:

    frothy coffee yum. Really must get coffee maker nao! Kitties getting zzzs so cute. our guy snores! really loudly! Never tried bread pudding, hmm.. will have to look into that. It’s fun testing out a new camera, the outdoor pics look nice.

  4. lightningsabre
    lightningsabre says:

    Hoboy… another temptation to get an LX3… Curious, where did you get yours from? I saw one at London Drugs, but I don’t like LD’s prices :P

    A nice pic of that glass btw. Almost looked like a martini glass :D

  5. chun
    chun says:

    @chibinezumi while the coffeemaker wasn’t a cheap purchase I must admit I was quite pleased with it! Our late meowmeow snores sometimes :P kinda endearing lol I tried making bread pudding before but it turned out too sweet ^^; Our friend did a way better job than I did lol! Glad you enjoyed the pix!

    @lightningsabre lol! we got ours from london drugs ^^; got em to match a price we found elsewhere :P I was surprised the glass was so deformed lol!

    @marvin we’re still testing it out, I’m so not used to the settings ^^; I’ll let hubby know what U think about his photos ;P I keep telling him he needs a broggu :P and yes lol U was of help :3

    @samejima thanks! :)

  6. Edward
    Edward says:

    I like those harbor/marina photos a lot. Maybe your husband will think about his own Flickr account… There are a few groups on Flickr for LX3.

    Close macros can be a bit trick with the LX3. Interesting about the compression part. Most of the time I shot in RAW so I haven’t seem much of that problem. At any rate, I hope you both will be please with the camera in the end.

    No no, Chun you look fine in the photo. Heck, I’m the one who cracks glass and breaks cameras by having my photo taken. ^^

  7. chun
    chun says:

    @Edward hey! My husband watches your tumblr and enjoys your findings ^o^ He actually has a flickr account but doesn’t wanna pay for it lol! I also hope that we will like it enough to keep it otherwise it’d be another journey of camera hunt ^^; you can’t be that bad if U got yourself a waifu ;P! LOL

  8. Michael Flux
    Michael Flux says:

    Bah! Wanted to comment on this post and forgot! :p But anyways…

    Congrats on the new toy and welcome to the club ^_^ Looking forward to more pretty photos :P

  9. chun
    chun says:

    @Michael Flux hehe no worries ^^ thanks for coming back just to comment! lol and moar photos coming up! :) gotta resize/edit a bit lol

  10. Pyoro
    Pyoro says:

    nice shot with the scenery. i find it amusing that you choose to focus on the cat’s paws… normally, we would you know… go for the face.

  11. chun
    chun says:

    @Pyoro one thing we noticed with Lumix LX3 is that colours are just gorgeous ^^ and I wanted to see the fur detail on his paw that’s why lol

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