Japan 2011 – Inokashira Koen, Mitaka

Managed to squeeze some time after lunch to take a walk in Inokashira Koen + a little around Mitaka area ^^ (28 Nov 2011, Monday)

I recalled the day was cloudy and grey but I was glad it wasn’t raining ^^; Much of the trees are still in process of changing colour :) My main reason to check out Inokashira Koen was the adorable swan boats! :P I wanted to take photos of them! lol

The leaves on this tree was a bit more orange/brown than red :P

Not sure what bird this is, but it looked really cool and I managed to get a rather decent shot :)

I got really excited when I saw the swan boats from afar  :P I saw some photos after a previous trip and I was beating myself up for missing them when we went to Ghibili Museum!

Quite a bit of people strolling and walking their dogs in the park :) Took a somewhat sneaky photo of this adorable dog :P a bit of a fail since I didn’t capture the face, nor did I dare to ask for a photo ^^;;;

On our way back to the train station, we saw many cute shops and neat sights in the area :D

Walking around, many cute things to be discovered!

Too bad my feet were literally killing me so we didn’t hang around too long ^^; we tried to walk around as much as we could tho!

We did have a couple yummy crepes at this place called Pearl Lady :D

They serve bubble tea too :D

Rainy day special? :)

Expensive looking restaurant ^^;

For a few more photos with a doll in it, you can check out my doll blog entry :) Thanks for looking!

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  1. chun
    chun says:

    Thank you :) Autumn is such a beautiful season! I forgot if there is more of those birds, that one bird caught my attention as it landed and stayed at the spot for a bit — enough for me to take a few shots XD

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