Canada day activities

I had been meaning to update sooner but got busy, really busy ^^; I am back dating this entry to document it :3

So first of July is Canada day… today is about 2 weeks later already ^^; the past 2 month or so feels like a blur, before that, we had some relatives visiting from Hong Kong, went to attend a graduation ceremony in Victoria Island o_o; in between that I was also spending a good amount of time in the sewing dungeon, prepared an update for the doll shop, among a few other things… Schedule was packed max ^o^;

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Victoria, Vancouver Island day 1

The first time I been to Victoria – Vancouver Island was with my family visiting from Singapore a few years back, and this time round I went with my husband and family from his side ^o^/

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Strida Mini adventures 4 — Doll meets

Took Strida Mini to a couple doll meets over the weekend!

It was quite a work out rolling Strida Mini around as we move from spot to spot LOL esp in the warm weather! :P I took Strida Mini out cos I want to see how both me and the bike flare in warm and crowded conditions :3

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Strida Mini adventures 3 — Got milk

Ran out of milk today, and decided to go a different way to buy a small pack of milk. Testing out Strida Mini again :3

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Strida Mini adventures 2

Needed to run some errands today, and after that decided to take Strida Mini and my Dollfie Dream out for some quick snaps outdoors… Would prefer to go out when it’s a bit cloudy and slightly cooler, BUT the sky is quite magnificent on a sunny day!

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Strida Mini adventures

So here’s another post about my outtings with Strida Mini ^^/

Sometimes while I wish I brought a doll out too, but I need to get used to riding Strida Mini a bit more before I carry more stuff with me when I am out and about ^^;

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Strida mini on a bike date

Went on a bike date with Mai chan on a cloudy weekday たのしいかた!Despite how the weather looks kinda yucky, it turned out to be a perfect cycling weather in my opinion!  Thank you for coming out and teaching me the route!!! ^o^

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Brief update!

Picture above taken by husband at Steveston’s Farmers Artisan’s Market, which we decided to check out at last minute… The skies were threatening to rain but we left soon after buying some plants ^^;

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Busy months!

Been so busy, no have much time to blog, finally got some time to resize some photos, want to make note of the beautiful days and memories this year…

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Strida Mini 2

An unexpected “get” this month ^^; I was browsing the bike website (forgot what it was which made me look) and realised their Strida series was on sale!

I had been eyeing the Strida Mini for a long time, since 2009!

Interestingly enough, when my husband was in Hong Kong for about 2 weeks, he mentioned that Strida was/is being promoted in Hong Kong and there’s much more choices, accessories and variety being pushed. I would have loved a pastel pink or blue Strida Mini :P But this Silver one is pretty neat too!

Check out my husband’s Hong Kong entries at here and here. (I did not go as I needed to take care of our Ginko and Yoshi)

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