Outpost Mini Donuts

Realised to my horror (LOL) I forgot to blog about Outpost mini donuts ^^; I went, took pictures in September, but for some reason completely forgot to blog about it ^^;

I guess the punishment for this is, having to look at the pictures and be painfully reminded that they close at 6 pm on weekdays :P

I had to run some small errands on Strida mini, and a craving for something sweet came up the day before, so I kinda planned to make a side trip to pick up the mini donuts before I head home ^^

I actually rolled Strida mini into the shop and place my order :P Luckily I wasn’t chased out for doing so :P

I generally like my desserts not too sweet and I was a bit curious how these donuts tasted — haven’t had donuts in a bit and had found Tim Horton’s getting a bit too sweet for my personal preference…

I wanted to bring some back for my husband to try as well, so I ordered a cone size for about $6-ish, it contains about a dozen mini donuts, I ordered assorted flavor as I couldn’t make up my mind what type to get :P

Since I ordered it as a take out, this little cone of donut was placed in a brown paper bag and I put it into a recycle shopping back and cycled back home after my errand was done, hoping it wasn’t a big mess when I reach home ^^; Lucky for me everything stayed in place :3

I couldn’t wait :P I picked one of each flavor to nom on XD


Had them with a glass of water (was thirsty after the bike ride), there’s chocolate icing with sprinkles, powdered sugar, vanilla icing with sprinkles, and cinnamon sugar :) I think I liked the powdered sugar the best (from memory) the ones with icing were a bit on the sweet side for me, cinnamon sugar was pretty good too ^^!

omake: Went to the craft store to get some wooden beads :P

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  1. Innocentsake
    Innocentsake says:

    Now I must find some mini donuts of my own *o* That’s the first time I’ve heard of a Strida Mini and had to google it, pretty neat looking! Is it comfortable to ride on? :O

  2. chun
    chun says:

    Hope you find some yummy mini donuts! :3 The Strida is not for everyone, lol it’s more for flat surfaces, and is quite wobbly to ride, I still wobble around when I just get on it ^^; But Strida folds up small and you can roll it when folded up ^^ It is so compact I think it’s smaller than even some of the baby strollers ^^; I won’t say it’s comfortable to ride as the seat does not have suspension nor is it cushioned lol but it works for me which was why we got it ^^

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