Pumpkin carving 2013

Yoshi is our Pumpkin inspector, and Ebichu is the carving supervisor :P

I’m quite late this year with the carving but compared to last year I actually did my carving – on the actual evening of Halloween!

With the experiences I accumulated over the last few carving, I was thankfully able to carve this one a lot faster — partly also due to that my pumpkin is smaller and the design is not as complex. ^o^;

Ebichu is ready!

First I decided on the idea for carving, I decided to carve “Blackmouse the shadow“. So I measured the area I want to carve, made the artwork into line art, and print it out within the size.

Then I cut around the artwork. And used masking tape to stick it onto the pumpkin, and then trace it with a pointed sharpie.

Next I used a pen knife to cut the eyes teeth out of the paper template.

Then trace the eyes and teeth onto the pumpkin, while aligning the outside of the paper template.

Next I open a while at the top of the pumpkin and scooped all the pumpkin guts out :3 I started to carve the pumpkin with a vegetable knife ^^ I cut out the bigger holes first, then move on to the smaller holes, and refining the edges as I carve.

I use tooth picks to push the holes through the eyeholes and teeth.

Complete! ^o^

Put in a candle light to check if I need to make any adjustments… ^^


Last year (2012) I carved a Chibi Mirai chan on a lovely white pumpkin :)

The year before year (2011) I carved a white pumpkin too :D It looks nice in the daytime if done neatly ^o^

2010 was “Mirai fox” based off a fan art I drew of Mirai mix firefox logo :)

I first started to carve a pumpkin in 2009, Mirai was also one of my inspirations :3 I also carved a smaller one with puppy and mouse :3

Thanks for looking! Have a spooooky Halloween!

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  1. kuraikawai
    kuraikawai says:

    oooh! that looks so nice!! I’ve never tried to carve a pumpkin :3, I don’t think I’d be able to make anything nice, lol, to start with I don’t know how to clean the pumpkin inside :p, not that google can’t help, i just never tried xD

  2. chun
    chun says:

    From my personal experience, carving a Pumpkin feels like carving a large apple, but slightly harder? You can get a small/medium sized one to try something simple XD — maybe the butterfly logo you have :3

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