Pumpkin carving 2013

Yoshi is our Pumpkin inspector, and Ebichu is the carving supervisor :P

I’m quite late this year with the carving but compared to last year I actually did my carving – on the actual evening of Halloween!

With the experiences I accumulated over the last few carving, I was thankfully able to carve this one a lot faster — partly also due to that my pumpkin is smaller and the design is not as complex. ^o^;

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Pumpkin carving 2012

I almost ran out of time! :P Well it’s already halway into Halloween in some countries ^^; But here just started half an hour ago :P

Can you guess what I am going to carve? ;) This year Yoshi is my helper ;P

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Pumpkin carving 2010

So I couldn’t decide what I should carve this year…. then it suddenly hit me XD I was so excited after I decided what I want to carve :P

Recognise who she is? It’s not exactly the same as I kinda eyeball sketched it with a sharpie before carving this time ^^;

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Pumpkin carving

I’ve always been rather curious about pumpkin carving but we never really got around doing it, especially since we don’t celebrate Halloween :P

This year, a few weeks ago we actually checked out a pumpkin patch and acquired a couple pumpkins ^^

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