Happy Halloween 2014!

I had been drawing witches almost every halloween so this year decided to change it up a bit, draw something else lol

I have also created a Halloween Greeting for BlytheCon Vancouver website ^^/

moar stuffs…

Pumpkin carving art, inked:

I decided not to carve the pumpkins we picked this year, mostly due to lack of time and ideas ^^; Now… have to find time to cook them!

I did have Ginko and Yoshi pose with the pumpkins we picked out :P Don’t they look adorable? hahaha!

I took some photos with my doll at the pumpkin patch we visit annually tho!

Here’s the past year’s Pumpkin carvings!

Last year (2012) I carved a Chibi Mirai chan on a lovely white pumpkin :)

The year before year (2011) I carved a white pumpkin too :D It looks nice in the daytime if done neatly ^o^

2010 was “Mirai fox” based off a fan art I drew of Mirai mix firefox logo :)

I first started to carve a pumpkin in 2009, Mirai was also one of my inspirations :3 I also carved a smaller one with puppy and mouse :3

Thanks for looking! Have a spooooky Halloween!