Pumpkin and Society6

I’ve fallen off the blogging wagon for a while now, had been away from computer more than expected, ^^; On top of it all, one of our poor cat, Ginko is being treated for her seizures meaning unexpected extra expenses (argh!)

This year I’m not sure if I will carve anything too crazy on the pumpkins we’ve chosen just yesterday :P (pictured above)

On a different note, I opened a society6 account under puppy52 If anyone of you are on it, give me a shout and I’ll follow you if you like :3 Below is one of the artwork which I made while being inspired :3

And of course if you like any of the products, buy/share/promote any of them, I’d be extremely thankful and trilled! I decided to open shop with some new art which was inspired as I talked to my husband about refreshing an artwork I did before, and the idea grew into a little monster ^^;

Black Mouse… XD


Black Mouse the shadow… lol

A friend from out of town visited and we had lunch at hogshack and came across this can of Unicorn Meat ^^;


While our friend was visiting we had a lot of fog and hardly any blue sky, so when I see some blue sky I had to take some photos (I have some photos in my camera which I have to copy and resize etc when I have time ^^;)



And only yesterday on a rather foggy and somewhat rainy day we finally made a quick stop to the pumpkin patch we go to every year – See my husband’s past photos here.






Thanks for looking :)