Pumpkin carving 2010

So I couldn’t decide what I should carve this year…. then it suddenly hit me XD I was so excited after I decided what I want to carve :P

Recognise who she is? It’s not exactly the same as I kinda eyeball sketched it with a sharpie before carving this time ^^;

Mokotan helped me again :) Yoshi wanted to help but I had to chase him away :P

After I finished it, it was already past 3 am…

A bit tricky to take photos in low light condition ^^;

Took many shots, hoping for a few sharp ones ^^;

I had to carve a bit more after I lit some candles, as it felt a bit too dim, but in photos thanks to the lovely 50mm 1:1.4 canon lens on permanent loan from my husband, it looks a lot brighter in photos :3 I have to crank up the ISO tho ^^;

Took a shot this morning too to compare XD

Thanks for looking, Happy Halloween!

ETA: Thanks Danny for the mention ^o^!

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  1. lostpacket
    lostpacket says:

    wow, great job!

    I’m shocked at how smooth and nice it looks lighted, but so plain and ugly not lighted.

  2. chun
    chun says:

    ahahahaha I actually feel the same LOL I guess the flesh of the pumpkin is somewhat translucent which results in the effect when lit up :)

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