Quick inking scans and rambles

Felt like a while since I posted any art posts! Sorry about that! Here are a couple scans of some quick inking practices. The thing with inking with real pen and paper is that there is no “control z” so if I made any mistakes there’s no real turning back ^^;;; and I do not like to use white out (liquid paper?) If I do cleaning up in the computer, it takes way too long ^O^; But inking with pen is good practice for precision artwork ^^;/

While working at the shop on Thursdays when business is a bit slow, I read some scanlations online, some of the artworks I came across is really inspiring ^O^! Recently I especially enjoyed work by Minami Maki. Found her work while randomly clicking on the scanlation pages ^^; Love the detailing she put into the hair and eyes, and not to mention omakes crack me up so bad sometimes :P Her works are more Shoujo Manga tho, so guys may not like it as much me thinks?

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  1. Panther
    Panther says:

    For an instant there I was wondering who Maki was in in Minami-ke.

    Are these drawings inspired by Minami-ke? :p

  2. puppy52doll
    puppy52doll says:

    Panther oh no these drawings are not inspired by minami-ke lol Minami Maki is the artist who did some mangas I had been reading :P

  3. Fariz Asuka
    Fariz Asuka says:

    Wow.. I always use pencil to do some sketches.. The problem is that when mistake occurs, I will most probably smudge the whole thing with the eraser.. =3

    BTW, I will love to see the end result of these doodles, especially the 2nd picture.. Love her coat.. ^^

  4. puppy52doll
    puppy52doll says:

    FatB lol possibly :P

    Fariz Asuka I enjoy using pencil too, these couple artwork is sketched in pencils first, then I ink and erase the pencils ^^ the danger is I may get a different result from the original pencil art when I ink ^^; The eraser is like the “control z” of pencil and paper lol! I may actually not colour these as the lines “bleeding” kinda bugs me ^^;

  5. xJAYMANx
    xJAYMANx says:

    @Gordon, @P52: Hehe, either phrase works.

    The trademark "Wite-Out" (no H) and brand-name "Liquid Paper" both refer to paper correction fluid invented in the 50s-60s. >_<

  6. suki
    suki says:

    I've been practicing my works in ink for a while now and the loss of no 'Ctrl + Z' is quite a change >.>;;;
    It's a good one though! Nice to see that you're managing well with it.

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