It’s snowing! O_O One point in time the snow was flying sideways ^^;

Wonder how much snow we’re gonna get this year ^^;

Bonus surprise


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  1. Lord Huggington
    Lord Huggington says:

    I’m guessing by some of the links that you’re in the Lower Mainland too? I saw the snow coming down as I was getting ready for bed, and boy am I glad I don’t drive. People in this city don’t know how to handle their cars when the white stuff comes down. XD The temperature really has dropped fast this year, though. I guess we’ll be making up for having such a warm winter last year.

  2. chun
    chun says:

    lol I don’t drive either ^^; so dangerous ^^;;; I think people here generally don’t handle their cars very well snow or now snow LOL the roads can be kinda confusing too >_<; I wonder how much snow we're gonna get this year... a bit scary >_<;

  3. Ghostly_Substance
    Ghostly_Substance says:

    Haha! Canada is being random this year by giving Ottawa snow before Halloween and giving you guys a quick Winter wonderland in Vancouver :D. Nice pics! Build a snowman or snowcat at least? ^^

  4. kmyk
    kmyk says:

    *like* bonus surprise :) I was waiting outside in the snow last night around 11 to catch a bus. It wasn’t that cold and it was kinda nice too

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