I Love Daisies

These are wild daisies which are quite commonly found on the lawn in spring :) I wish they’re around all year round!

I’m a plant killer so I tend not to have any plants at home :P I even asked my husband not to buy me flowers as it distressed me a bit to see them wilt ^^;

This is one of the rare times I don’t have a doll or 2 with me ^^; But it’s nice to focus on something other than dolls once in a while :D

Husband tend to call these weeds since they’re wild lol

A couple of our wedding photo was taken on a lawn with many wild daisies around us tho ;P These were however discovered near a carpark XD

On a slightly different note, husband’s last batch of Cherry blossom photos :3 I’m rather amused by his writings in it as it has very little to do with the subject of his photography :P

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  1. aquilla
    aquilla says:

    I can’t stand it when people call daisies weeds lol. As far as I’m concerned they’re flowers and they totally adorable. I love seeing a lawn full of daisies <3

  2. chun
    chun says:

    hahaha my husband was just teasing me :P cos he knows I like daisies a lot, weeds or not :P if I were not such a plant killer I’ll probably plant some in a pot ^^

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