Hanami and a break of blue sky

In between errands, I was lucky enough to be able to catch some photos :D

The past few days had been grey, cold, rainy and gloomy, so during errands today it felt so rewarding to have even a little break of blue sky :D These trees were near a school, and I was crazy enough to climb up a rope structure (as high as I can manage) with my camera dangling on one hand ^^;

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I Love Daisies

These are wild daisies which are quite commonly found on the lawn in spring :) I wish they’re around all year round!

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Spring is love

Wow 2 posts today LOL

Spring = critters in parks XD
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Out and about

One of our favorite things to do during good weathered weekends is to check out other people’s neighborhood. Often enough we will come across plants/sightings which we don’t have at home ^^ Tumblred ^^/

Updated Artist page with a new photo :P

Tumblr updated :)

This isn’t a drawing or painting but it’s pretty I want to share :) Be warned tho, the entry contains food, which will definitely induce hunger :P

Hunt for spring