Dine Out Vancouver 2011

Went to try C restaurant with husband earlier this week :3

We really enjoyed the dish below: Seared Larry Albright Trout served with crushed organic fingerling potatoes, caramelized lemon sauce, almond rapini.

It was served warm on a rather hot plate, perfectly done (not over cooked), not fishy at all, the green stalk of vegetable was a little bitter but the potato and nuts complimented the fish very well.

We supposedly can only stay for about an hour and half from the time of our reservation, but service was decent overall.

They brought us assorted slices of bread and a small saucer of butter.

butter with bits of what looks like seaweed flakes on it?

I had lychee temple (non alcoholic cos I can’t take liquor well), husband ordered a white wine to compliment the scallops dish.

Soup came soon after bread and drinks, Oxtail Consommé with dungeness crab, lemon chorizo, gremolata. We were a bit amused that the aroma of the soup reminds us a lot of Pho broth ^^;, could be due to spices and chilli used?

Husband enjoyed the Seared Scallops with Confit Pork Belly served over creamed cabbage, roasted crab apple, he liked how the scallops were cooked, I like those bits of crispy potato(?) chips on it haha!

I  checked and realised that this is probably not included in the $38 offerings, we may have paid an extra to share this beef tenderloin served with a prawn and some vegetables/fruit. The tenderloin was great as well, not over cooked nor undercooked, the whipped potato at the bottom was silky smooth, husband had the prawn and told me it was good (I’m allergic)

Dessert was Dark Chocolate Brownie and hot white chocolate with marshmallow still melting in the cup as the plate was brought in… Unfortunately we found the dessert too sweet… especially the white chocolate ^^;

After I looked thru the photos, I realised they may have forgotten to give us the cookies to go which was mentioned on the site ^^; I don’t remember having any cookies lol! But I suppose it may also be too sweet for us ^^;

Non related documentation: drew some cards to ship with the last bunch of dollfie pants ^^;

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  1. VHD Angel
    VHD Angel says:

    I think the “potato chips” are probably fried truffle shavings. They’re supposed to be a big deal in the high end restaurants.

  2. kmyk
    kmyk says:

    Oh oh awesome~ I went to Cru on monday and last night I went to La Terraza with my friends. La Terraza is really good you guys should check it out.

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