Art from abroad

Last week we received a couple beautiful art pieces from my uncle in USA :)

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Anime Evolution 2010

Attended one day of Anime Evolution this year, main reason is to check out UBC as the venue, and hang out with my doll friends :DI would say the Artist Alley is totally at a prime location!  Loads of traffic going in and out and the artists look busy taking commissions etc.

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I Love Daisies

These are wild daisies which are quite commonly found on the lawn in spring :) I wish they’re around all year round!

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Strida Mini

What do you do when you don’t want to be slow baked at home without air con on a hot summer weekend?

1) You go check out foldable bike at a bike store you normally don’t go to!

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A day in Richmond

It had been a busy weekend! o_o;/
Finally have a little time to resize some photos and do little captions for the new segment in this blog :)

Most of this set of photos was taken last week, during the one day when I go help at my friend’s shop in the mall.

It happened to turn out to be a fine day (which I’m not complaining at all). Usually in Winter it’s very cold, cloudy and rainy and a lot less daylight, from what I remember of previous few years I lived here. But last week on that day it was even a little warm, when the sun was out for a few hours, which was why I am able to share pictures like his, since I do not have to hold on to my umbrella, bag and fiddle with the camera all at once.

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Alternate headers for

We were trilled to find out that Danny was interested to use some of the images I had mucked around with, in his site’s header pool and also for the “is ecchi” images thumbnail (LOL)!

Mind you, the original character artworks are created by the most talented Azami yuko sensei ^^/ I only tried my hand at creating some layers for the more goofy expressions (as you can see on the image below). For a clearer look at the bigger images, you can check out this link :)

It all originated from the Wonfes Hatsune Miku news post, where Danny was requesting his readers for attempts to give his 2 adorable sister mascots, Mirai and Haruka extra facial expressions :) You’ll find some interesting variants by some of the talented readers on that news page as well :D

Hoo, got inspired to do my on tinkering lol

Photoshop, when how much is too much?

One day I was checking out I came across this site by accident.
PhotoshopDisasters. Can you believe some people actually get paid for doing this kinda work? :P

Mind you, I myself do a little bit too much tweaking on photoshop sometimes, if not all the time!

A recent example of my over tweaking below:

The one on the left is the original art, and one on the right is tweaked in photoshop.
If I could choose, I would rather to not have to do so much tweaking, as it seems to make the original art kinda blah. So these days, if I have some artwork sketched out without feeling that I need to do too much photoshop tweaking to it I would be quite happy! ^

Many years ago, I remember having carefully coloured an artwork before in photoshop, posted it up (being quite satisfied with it) and having someone tell me that I got the thumb on the wrong side on one hand LOL (oops!)

While visiting some artist friends in the states earlier this year, we were also talking about the over-usage of the photoshop filter “lense flare” probably when was just introduced into photoshop at the time — finished your artwork? Let’s add some “lense flare”! :P Eyes not sparkley enough? Yup “lense flare”! LOL

There’s probably a fine line between what’s enough and what’s too much no?

First hamster on cutedown *drum roll*

Uchi!! (Uchi: wah me?!)

I know this doesn’t have much to do with my drawings so I will move this over to tumblr after the cute down is completed!
Uchi for Mayor! (or something) Watch cute with chris episode 158
and vote for Uchi by leaving a comment here!
Thank you :)

Inspirational people –

All your dreams are… Alive!

I was checking out some links I check every other day (Sometimes everyday or hour :P) and I noticed that Chris was doing a wrap up on his recent Live show. I watched it and felt like I was so moved I could cry. Chris owns on the internet and he posts movie clips he produces by himself every monday.

Chris’ regular weekly shows are not usually so “documentary”, they’re mostly entertaining and humorous in a slightly twisted manner, filled with cuteness and sometimes (if not all the time) drips with sarcasm and also includes a plastic horse or 2 for laughs ;D (okay and some hot people here and there too)

You probably would think that short clip each week is probably easy to make. But trust me it is not, having been in hours of recording to make 10 minutes clips before, I know Chris definitely puts effort to make it happen almost every monday possibly with his precious weekends, who knows possibly weekdays too, when a lot of people probably just want to relax and enjoy themselves.

I had the sheer luck to run into him in person May of 2007 when I was out on a small blythedoll meeting, and since he actually asked about our dolls that brave man (LOL)! I thought he looked familiar, and realized that he is Chris from (what a small world!) Funny thing was, I actually had came across his site ages ago when he (randomly?) added me on myspace — possibly kinda like “handing out free tickets” to watch his show. I guess his shows had made an impression because it was pretty quirky and unique and I tend to remember faces :P

The point of this post is? Go check out! I would like to help hand out some “free tickets” to his online shows!