Crafts shopping food and dolls = weekend fun ^^

You be warned, this entry has a lot of FOOD pictures right at the end of the post :P
Here’s a non related close up shot of Meow taken on 20th when he was being nosy about something I was doing at the time which I cannot remember now ^^;


So this weekend has been quite busy as usual, I managed to convince the hubs to take me to Micheal‘s a Arts and Craft store (more crafty than artsy :P) on Saturday.  I had some discount coupons I wanted to use .^^ So while I was there I took a few sneaky pix (shhh) Ironically I forgot to take a picture of the building before I left :P

I managed to find a cheap metal stand for my Dollfie Dream (pix later) I probably got to fix it so that some parts don’t get rusty – a little bit of the paint had chipped off at a corner (doh!)

Yarn section

Also found a buncha miscellaneous items (sorry no pix of those)

Took a couple pix of things I won’t be buying but found amusing :P
My head is too big for most hats and these are for kids. ^^;;;

Alien san?


Okay… Food pix ahead! You been warned!

Starting with KitKato…. This KitKat looked like a regular chocolate KitKat on the outside… BUT when I bite into it it tasted like redbean O_O I was feeling a bit unsure about the taste but after finishing 1 stick (half of the pack below) I changed my mind unconsciously and said that it is good lol!

1 box contains 2 packs:

I hung out with a couple friends today :D It was fun despite the dreary weather ^^
We ate brunch at Teresa’s Cafe I had Teriyaki Burger :P Mai san had Spinage eggs benni, Yuki san had some type of ham eggs benni ^^ Oiishii so ^O^ All of us couldn’t finish the hash potatos ^^; I love potato but it was a huge serving :P

And then….. even more food ahead!  A friend took up the cheese ramen challenge o_o
it is a formidable opponent indeed o_o It looks very innocent in here…


And then… when stomach is already full, we realise that there’s still almost a fist-sized amount of cheese left! Scary!!!

I played it safe and ordered Shio (sea salt) Ramen, with lean cha siew (bbq pork)

Okie should go to bed soon ^^; Thanks for lookin! And if you’re interested in the doll related version you can check out this entry at my dolly blog ^^/

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  1. Eddy
    Eddy says:

    I could eat the all potato! The hamburger looks interesting, I’m not a big fan of Teriyaki but I might just try it.

    I’ve made Hawaiian burgers with grilled pineapple and meat marinated with pineapple juice, soy sauce, and brown sugar. It was awesome.

  2. Blowfish
    Blowfish says:

    I dont mind the food posts at all! In fact i LOVE food posts^^

    Im astonished that you can photograph meowmeow easily…My mothers cat always look away in the last moment when i pull the trigger.
    I like to take sneaky pics in shops aswell.Its quite hard to do in small shops tough

  3. chun
    chun says:

    @Blowfish huhu glad you LOVE food pix lol so do I! :P I remember when I was back in Singapore when I go out with friends, I’ll make everyone wait for me to take photos of the food before they start eating XD It came to a point when they also know to wait (I’m quite fast anyways) before they eat :P (terrible chun)

    But yah hard to do sneaky pix in smaller shops if they don’t let us ^^; Sometimes I’d ask ^^; I think it’s a problem of having the prices leaked out to their competitors?

  4. Blowfish
    Blowfish says:

    Okay i wouldnt go as far as asking my friends to stop eating to snatch some pics.^^
    Yeah smaller shops are really a pain to do sneaky pics at.When i was making my post about our japanese district i had to use all my skill.
    I cant really tell why they dont want me to take pics. I asked a few time before to be polite but always go a decline.Now i just do sneaky pics

  5. Pyoro
    Pyoro says:

    ok seriously how you guys keep fit is way beyond my imagination. with all that food around, i will be back to my clumsy old self soon enough (and more) ^^

  6. chun
    chun says:

    @Blowfish lol well I kinda trained myself to be really quick :P Think regarding the shops in Japan, usually it’s like, take pix apologize later :P:P:P (terrible huh lol)

    @marvinryan Which one? The breakfast? Or the Dollop of cheese? lol! Lemme know if U are ever in the area (even tho I can’t drive :P)

    @Pyoro ermmmm let’s just say I’m no longer as slender as back in the days when I lived in Singapore ^^; Was kinda depressed when I looked at some of my older pix :P

  7. rangerroh
    rangerroh says:

    OH that breakfast meal and cheese ramen looks delicious! Omg! I am starting to get hungry. Lol, I think I am going to call some friends right now if they want to get some Ramen. hehehehe ^^

  8. marvinryan
    marvinryan says:

    will do. would probably need to go to Vancouver once Haley gets her passport. ^^ but it’ll be a while though, have to wait 8 months for the citizenship processing then another 6 for the passport. ^^;
    about the food, yes the breakfast. ^^ but wouldn’t mind trying the cheese ramen. ^^

  9. chun
    chun says:

    @marvinryan awww! And wow quite a wait! ^^; But time usually flies quickly before we know it ^^;

    @Otaku Dan awww! Hope it was good ;)!

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