Holiday activities

Finished CGing the Maid artwork :3 added the background in photoshop quickly ^^; Gotta update some of these artwork into gallery sometime ^^;

Click on image below to full view :)

Edited a backlog of photos from the holiday activities ^^ some food photos included, you been warned ^^;

Holidays can be somewhat tiring… ask these guys :P Papa is home, and plays with them a lot more during daytime LOL so they tired ^^;

cuties :P

No snow during xmas week ^^; Not a bad thing, but it’s super cold when it’s foggy like this o_o

Finally replaced the old washer/dryer after finding a pretty good deal for a set, having it delivered was quite stressful, but finally it’s done and we can relax a bit ^^; it makes cute noises when it starts and finish XD

Okie food pix coming up ^^;… ready?

. . .

. .


Soy flavor ramen, I don’t really like the soup base for this one, probably won’t get it again ^^;

The ramen itself is yummy (after cooking haha) below is before cooking ^^

Soup base ^^

Cooked some thinly sliced pork meant for Shabu shabu to go with the ramen, yumyum :P I also added spring onion, corn, boiled egg cucumber and seaweed sheet ^^ Itadakimasu~!

Fast forward to Christmas dinner with family :3 I did not cook the food except for baking a cheese cake ^^; Roast beef… super tender!

View of the feast, there’s salad too but unfortunately my photos with it did not turn out properly (duh)

I bought a very purple flesh sweet potato by accident, so made that into mash potato to go with porkchop one afternoon. When the food I make look so colourful,  I think of “anime food” ^^;

Pork flavor ramen

Soup base

Frozen pizza, I found it a bit salty, the crust’s edges were crispy, but for some reason the topping is quite wet ^^; Not sure if I like the cheese, taste a bit hmmm artificial?


Post baking

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  1. chibinezumi
    chibinezumi says:

    christmas dinner looks great! and purple mash potatoes? neat! maid is looking pretty in color, and lol! that is the first washing machine I have heard of as cute! ours sounds like it is going to either take off into the sky, or zoom out the laundry room to eat you :O

  2. chun
    chun says:

    I’m developing a taste for those sweet potatos XP! But can’t have too much ;_; well when the machine is running it does sound like everything you described up there, but the um start and finish alert sounds (for lack of better word) seriously sounds like some game sfx!

  3. chun
    chun says:

    lol! U been warned leh :P and no they’re not disposables, they’re just bamboo chopsticks which are rather well used ^^; Don’t want to cook with plastic chopsticks ^^;

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