Steveston adventure with visitor

A friend from Singapore was visiting and stayed with us for a little bit :) Thankfully the weather was very cooperative, and we had a nice time hanging out :D

Her stay was rather short so I was also trying to spend time catching up with her since I have not seen her in years!

We walked out into Steveston, and had some fun sightings :) At first we were amused by the signage :P

We did not expect to actually see baby ducklings!

They were either trying to get away from us or having a race ^^; There was one duckling trailing behind the Mama duck and she waited a bit for it to catch up, so adorable!

The weather was definitely suitable for fixing roofs ^^;

Gorgeous spring flowers

Onion flowers below… yes :) They actually smell faintly of onions (I remember as a friend had some at their home before)

Everytime I see Britannia… lol

Since it’s a weekday, not a lot of people out and about ^^; mainly retired people and a sprinkle of tourist perhaps…

Sculpture, already vandalised unfortunately…

Doggy waiting for it’s owner…

Moar doggies waiting for their owners to finish doing something in the shop, so adorable these 2 :)

Walked closer to the water :3

Spotted this plushy abandoned at a carpark o_o suspect maybe a child put it down to get on the car, and forgot to collect it =_= We wanted to rescue it (take it with us) but thought maybe they may come back for it so we left it there :P

Whale watching XD, we went to check out the pricing but it was totally over budget unfortunately lol

Prickly pear garden center

Couple food photos after this! ;P



For lunch, we shared the most awesome club sandwich at The Cannery Cafe ^o^ I mentioned we were sharing and they split it into 2 dishes and still gave us huge serving of salad each o_o;/ Multi grain bread was soft and gently toasted, with a nutty texture, goes very well with the cold cut and perfectly crispy bacon slices… omg lol

After walking around a bit  after lunch, we went to get Gelato from Timothy’s Frozen Yogurt for dessert, it was just amazing, they made the waffle cone after I placed our order — Banana Fudge Gelato — my personal favourite! (I actually haven’t had Gelato for a while now lol)

The waffle cone was actually still hot since it was freshly made, crispy on the outside and gelato was cold. When we bite into the waffle, it was both a little chewy and crispy, what a sensation o_o!!! And this was a small size, still a very generous portion ^^;

I hope to catch up on some art soonish, have just been having a bit too much on my plate and feeling a bit overwhelmed ^^;/ Thanks for looking ^^/

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