Evil food post…

So I had some food photos which I almost forgotten about ^^;

So if you’re hungry and have nothing to nom on in your kitchen… you been warned!




Our host of the food post is Churuya san lol

Had brunch with a couple doll friends at Glowbal Grill, so YUM ^O^ There was complimentary mini donuts and sample of the feature smoothie!

Churuya san had the last mini donut ;D

For some reason I picked something not too exciting or different lol, it was very good tho! ^o^ Really liked the potatos :P

Churuya san helped me added ketchup on the side ;D

Friend’s halibut breakfast plate ^^

Dessert and tea after at Ganache, a cute little cake place with exquisite looking cakes <3 It was my first time there and I would have had a hard time trying to decide which to get, but thankfully my friend’s recommendation helped! XD

Some quick shots of interior of the place



The cake below is amazing :P Not too sweet, light and fluffy XD (that’s what me and Churuya san had ^o^)


Present from friend ^^

Friend’s order not sure what it is ^^; looks yum tho lol

Dinner at Correlis, unfortunately it appears that the restaurant’s recent reviews are not fantastic. Initially we were a bit surprised that we were almost the only bunch of people there having dinner when it’s a Sunday evening ^^; Me and husband enjoyed our order tho! :)

Below is husband’s chicken with some type of a mushroom sauce on linguine (I forgot the name of the dish ^^;)

next is my chicken and sausage penne with a slightly spicy sauce, I couldn’t finish it and took the rest home ^^;

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  1. battrastard
    battrastard says:

    Chibi ketchup is cute!! Yes, very “Evil” foods! *growl goes my tummy* Now I have to think of dinner anywhoo, so it’s all good!! (Everything looks realy good, btw!!)

  2. Michael Flux
    Michael Flux says:

    Mmmmm, holy hell that all looks delicious! I wanna make those noodles with chicken, mushrooms etc… :p

    Sigh, I just ate and now I’m hungry again, curse you Chun!

  3. Ex14
    Ex14 says:

    it’s like 2 in the morning so i can’t really eat anything although this post has gotten me REALLY hungry. =w=

    ooo and you have the taiga petit nendo ! so jealous >.<

  4. lightningsabre
    lightningsabre says:

    Oh! I had one of those tiny ketchup bottles when me, Wolf & Yuuichikun were eating at the hotel in L.A. I used mine though because the potatoes were bland, or was it the eggs? I can’t remember. Either way I had to use it and couldn’t keep it =/

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