Late summer already?

In serious denial that Autumn is creeping in >_< here are a bunch of photos taken on some of the mild weather days we have had :)

This picture taken on iphone on an evening walk :) It was one of those super mild evenings which we enjoy! This blog post is full of random stuff, kitties, food, etc :P you have been warned lol!

Made pan fried salmon one evening :) goes well with garlic mash potato ^o^

Visited Richmond Animal Protection Society (the no kill shelter where we adopted Ginko and Yoshi from, it’s kitten season…. wantttttttt lol but had to resist :P

Visit to adopt ^^/

Different day, these two super soft kittehs were probably adopted after we left :P they were super tame and adorable! Husband almost wanted to take them home too ^^; But we can’t ^o^;

This is a HUGE sack of rice :P

Cute watermelon bowl at pier 1 imports ^^

Purple flower

One of those days which I biked out on Strida Mini ^^

Took Mokotan to the Steveston Farmers and Artisans Market on Sunday ^o^/

This booth below was very busy, had to wait for a long time for people to clear up lol! Baked goods are very popular at the Farmer’s market ^o^

We ended up bringing a couple airplant home, I hope theywill survive my black thumb :P

We also bought some very delicious mini cupcakes ^o^ Forgot to take a name card ^^;, but after some googling, found their website (Spiritual Ingredients) and twitter :D

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  1. chun
    chun says:

    ^o^! I love Fall too! It’s such a beautiful and colourful season :D And yucks for winter :P I hate the rainy and grey aspects of it >_<;

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