Duckling season!

Heard that over the weekend tiny ducklings were sighted near our place, and I thought to myself, hey I should try to find out what time they come out for some photos!

A lot of the photos I took at the location closer to home were blurred =_= I only picked two out everything I took (see below), I hope to have a chance to take more photos before they grow up!

Duckling doing the turbo!

Then was invited by bluestarbaby to go “hunt” for more pictures of ducklings, I thought okay I should do it asap!

Luckily when we just arrived at Minoru Park, bluestarbaby spied a Mama duck with a few tiny ducklings taking a nap/tanning by the pond!

We slowly creeped closer and closer, taking many many photos as we can possibly manage…

The ducklings were very entertaining actually making many cute poses despite being sleepy…

Randomly preening results in funny poses..

Eventually some family with a curious child started getting too close and too loud despite their parents telling her not to… and the ducklings started to prepare to move!

I actually wonder if they are quite used to the paparazzi action happening to them… Their wings are ridiculously tiny! So painfully adorable!

Wonder if it’s stretching or trying to fly lol

They started getting restless as the child and more curious bystanders gets closer and closer =_=;

Threatening to dive in!

Mama duck has reached her limit too :P

There she goes!

And the rest follow suit, a little clumsily XD

Walked about a bit more, trying to see if we could find more ducklings, had to zoom in a lot but managed a couple photos, the rest were blurred ^^;

Found a small family of a pair of geese with their babies already less like the tiny peeps XD

They were running away as the family with the curious child was coming too close =_=;

Walked around a bit more and was rewarded by a different family of geese with smally gooslings XD

They were pecking at the grass non stop… unlimited salad XD

Such a cutie! Took many many photos before getting a few shots with clear face…

Tender moment with the parent :)

Unfortunately someone with very curious dog yapped and the family freaked and scooted into the pond…

Cute little tushies…

So… darn… CUTE

Made another round and found the family with the older gooslings hanging out, so we took more photos…

Those tiny wings!

Flap em! This picture is a bit blurry but it’s too cute for me not to share it!

These guys have a slightly more mature look already…

I wonder if this is the same mommy duck we saw earlier? Different spot tho…

Later a different duck came by with more ducklings! The incoming momma duck was quite hostile with the resting family =_=;

See the ducklings scrambling into the pond for their dear lives!

Spied a dispute happening close by… Loud angry quacking mommy…

Looks like she’s yelling at a dead beat papa :P (AND DON’T COME BACK!)

Innocent baby!

Hostile mama duck took over the spot…

And escaping baby… about to jump into the pond!

I took in total about 891 photos, but only managed to pick out 47 ^^;

Thanks for looking! :) Hope you enjoyed the cute as much as we did!