Feral bunny stalking 2

My husband had to go get his car serviced which was why we went back again, it was a cold cloudy afternoon, slightly drizzling and he talked about seeing fist sized bunnies… we saw this one and I had to try to go approach it!

Please visit: http://www.rabbit.org / http://www.rabbitats.org for more information.

And also if you intend to adopt a rabbit or any other animal as a pet, before you commit, do more research and be a responsible pet owner!  A pet is a life too and often they become family in the long run!

If you compared the bunny to the concrete edge of the grass, you’ll see how small this baby bunny is >_<;

I was thinking if it runs off into the bushes I will give up and head back to meet my husband…

To my surprise, I made some sounds and the bunny started hopping over O_O

I still cannot believe my eyes, until I saw the pictures I took later o_o;

Closer and closer

So tiny! The photos probably don’t show it, I don’t have something close to it you can compare the scale to…

He was about 2 inches from my hand, and looked like about the size of my palm.

He got real close, like almost touching my fingers, realised I have no food (!!!) and turns alway in lightning speed :P

He loitered around a bit hopefully…

Being a tease, with those tiny ears and big innocent eyes…

You can see the huge poo next to it, deposited by the larger adult bunnies probably…

He got hopeful again and hopped over briefly

But realised I was the same person without food ^^;

He stayed about a foot or two away from then on

Here he got startled by something and started running towards the bushes ^^;

Too cute >_<

Take care little bunny!

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  1. Heather
    Heather says:

    Awww, I’m so glad to see they trap these guys and put them in proper habitats where they aren’t so exposed ;_;

    And oh my, what a cutie!

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