“Humanified” Ginko and Yoshi ^o^/

Managed to get husband to help me look into updating the gallery plug in a while back, but only remember to update the gallery now ^^;/

A few back dated artwork has been inserted into Colour and Fan art :) I had been busy, so barely have time to sketch personal stuff these days, so I dug out a couple more older sketches from my sketchbook. My HP scanner has “conveniently” (hear the sarcasm =_=) decided not to cooperate with my HP laptop once again, so I cannot scan. ^^; I had to take pix and adjust in my computer in order to show my work ^^;

Art below was done in July~

Art below inspired by Mirin, my Dollfie Dream ^o^

I was reminded by husband that I haven’t shared some photos from way before when we went to Minoru Park again and saw the results of what bunnies produce when they get busy :P

Soooooooooo qyute!!!

White dot on it’s nose…

The stretching+yawning bunny totally cracked me up XD

The cutest one of the lot, the sad thing is this pretty fella could had been released illegally into the park ^^;

Church at Minoru Park


It was a chilly evening ^^;

Husband himself took some really lovely pix of Spanish Banks Beach which we went to when relatives from Hong Kong was visiting us a few weeks back :) We were lucky that we got a few shots of us too :3 I took Taiga out that day ^o^

Dramatic evening

Anyone miss food pix? I got a big backlog of it ^^;

We had been having sandwiches for meals these few weeks ^^; Below is spam, egg and cucumber + Japanese mayonnaise and pepper ^^

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21 Responses to Gallery updated and random stuff

  1. k says:

    the rabbits do look very cute! i thought they were stuffed… not real! ^^

  2. chun says:

    you gonna hug them? LOL

  3. Persocom says:

    Lovely pictures, and drawings! That sandwhich doesn’t look bad either if you take out the spam xP Very cute bunnies ^^

  4. yamada says:

    I like your humanified cats and the drawings below, I very like the second drawing.

    I had a bad experience with rabbits though, me like to see but don’t want to touch ^^;

  5. YuKi-To says:

    yoshi and ginko is cuute! bunnies cute too :3

    lovely pics too

  6. radiant says:

    OMG OMG OMG SO CUUUUUUTE!!!! The white one is ADORABLE!!! The little grey one looks so cute! Aaaah! cute overload!!

    Very nice Yoshi and Ginko btw!

  7. chun says:

    Thank you! lol! You no like spam?

  8. chun says:

    ^^ thanks~ and oh they attack or peed on you? ^^; The male bunnies sometimes will spray and female bunnies can growl or be aggressive ^^;

  9. chun says:

    Baby buns has to be one of the cutest thing in the world ^^;

  10. Gunstray says:

    That rabit, Those eyes… is evil

  11. wild bunnies at the park? not something we get to see in Singapore. ^^;

  12. chun says:

    lol! which one?!

  13. chun says:

    I think chances of seeing stray cats is higher in SG ^o^; I know a place in SG where someone actually may let some of his bunnies loose at night and collect them early morning :P (schedule may have changed tho)

  14. Pyoro says:

    nice shots. taken with the lx3 i presume?
    anyway, rabbits are kinda cute, but i wonder whether they are as responsive as cats/dogs though. they don’t meow or bark afterall…

  15. chun says:

    Most are taken by the LX3 :) the one at the beach, and the stretching weird bunny pose is not tho!
    Rabbits can actually be very interesting pets ^^ I had used to know somoene who own a rabbit who actually goes to the door to wait for her/her family to come home, and another one who plays simple games with her ^^. They actually grunt and stomp their feet when they get upset :P And they also can beg for food too ^^;

  16. Those bunnies…Must…take…home!~ D:

    Woooo. Gonna check the updated gallery now ^^

  17. Koharu says:

    Those… Rabbits… So… CUTE! -dies-
    Do you think it would be legal for me to steal one and take it home as my pet? =P lulz

  18. chun says:

    lol well they do run off from us when we get too close :P even if we have food they’ll try to run off ^^; and thanks for checking the gallery :)

  19. chun says:

    lol as long as the security don’t see U? ^^;

  20. chibinezumi says:

    MOE overload ALERT! human yoshi and ginko are cute, the grey and black bunnies… I think I just melted into goo, so adorable. The whole void color spectrum was out there white, black, grey! THe church is so small and pretty.

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