Did a couple sketches last week, one was a random girl in bikini (drew it before the bad news day).

Last week a friend came over to visit us for a bit (she also needed to drop something off) and we took her to stalk baby bunnies at a local park (selected pix under cut) :D I hope it distracted my husband a little, a tiny little baby bunny ate a carrotstick from his hand and actually touched his finger a bit! (I’m jealous :P) Husband had Meowmeow for longer than I do, while I know I am still upset over Meow’s passing, I know he had a longer and stronger bond with the cat, who of course loves my husband more than me, and may take longer for his sadness to pass…

Bunny stalking action ^^;

Kungfu baby bunny Haiiiyak!

The bunnies were likely decendents of people who set their pets free into the park from way back. There’s apparently coyotes sightings in the park once in a while so the bunnies are left there as erm food for them? ^^; Could be hearsay tho…

The little white toe on the left front paw KILLED me ^^; SO CUTE!

There’s actually a few more babies of this size, but they were hiding in bushes and we couldn’t get any nearer. This grey baby bun is very brave :P!

Bonus movie:

Baibai bunny butt…


Ducks from the pond near by came and stole some of the carrots which was dropped on the ground! Robbers!

This one will grow up to be a heartbreaker ^^;

Mokona? It has a tiny white spot on it’s nose! :) This one was too far away for us to tempt it with carrot sticks(and we ran out by now :P)

There are larger bunnies around too, and they’re not shy about coming up to you to see if you have food for them ^^; Usually they’ll snatch and run ^^;

Bunny feeding NG bonus video ^^:

2nd sketch was a rough one of Meow, referred from an old photo of him. 

Losing a special pet made me realise that we need to spend more time with those which are still around us, hammies included! Hubs is lucky that his siblings had been supportive, we hang out with them after work so we don’t mope too much ^^;

Uchi is cute and tame as ever :) 

Ebichu, older and still very hyper :) and cuuuuuute!

I noticed a comment on my flickr remarking that she looks like an oreo cookie XD

I mean they’re different from a cat of course, but they’re still dear ^^ Ebichu is a lightweight because she loves to run the wheel ^^; (And running in general) She pauses split seconds like this when she hear sounds around her ^^;

Want a piece of me?!

Ah too bad her nose is blurry, this girl is too fast! :P


Thanks everyone for your thoughts and condolences, it is much appreciated…

And Oh! For those who did, thanks for voting on my non coloured artwork at Angry Mimi’s contest! ^^;/ETA: Oh lala got informed that my entry made it to top 6 ^^; Domo desu!

Back to work~

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23 Responses to Couple sketches and a load of cute ^^;

  1. Danny Choo says:

    This post is full of cute overload – starting with bikini girl!

  2. chun says:

    @Danny Thanks! Glad you like her “eyes” ;P

  3. Persocom says:

    nice art and love the bunny and hamster pictures ^^

  4. OMG Uber cute! I LOVE bunnywabbits!! I gotta find that park and stalk baby bunnies too… wait that sounded bad… Replace “baby” with “loli” and add “girl” to “bunny” and we get loli bunny girl!! XD

    I have this sudden urge to get that Freeing 1/4 Kyon no Imouto figure now >.>

  5. So many baby bunnies….and hamsters….too..cute! *has heart attack*

  6. YuKi-To says:

    wow.. wild bunnies? thats really cute!

    :3 Nyorero-n~

  7. Panther says:

    Those bunnies are so cute! Haha too bad the rest of the baby ones would not move forward for you to let you pet them.

  8. chun says:

    @Persocom thankq :D:D bunnies this small were a lucky find :3

    @lightningsabre huhu if U have a weekday off, brings some carrot cut into long sticks and go to minoru park ^^; I’m not sure if other parks have buns or not, but if U go anywhere else and see buns U should report it! LOL

    @Coco the Bean XD

    @YuKi-To lol

    @Panther well we really shouldn’t touch them as since they are out in the wild the chances of them having rabies is high ^^; The park guard(?) was watching us like a hawk when we fed the bebe bun ^^; And also wild bunnies are not THAT tame lol!

  9. garturo62 says:

    That bunny is so cute love the video of th bunny.

  10. gordon says:

    bunnies in the park? well definitely not in parks over here.

    bikini girl reminds me of ringo. ^^;

  11. marvinryan says:

    Cute! those ducks can be fierce sometimes, I remember one charged at me after I ran out of bread to give them. :) lol on the oreo. nice photos Chun.

  12. Blowfish says:

    Woah this cuteness overload is really weird.Just read about MeowMeows death and now im confronted with all those cute furry balls…
    Im glad you get along well without him

  13. Edward says:

    Chun, this post contains more moe than allowed by the law. Darn, those bunnies are soooooo cute! ^o^ Still, I can help but wonder if “he” is there somewhere. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XcxKIJTb3Hg

  14. Tenrou says:

    Bunny cuteness has motivated me to write (strange, I know)! Thanks, chun… ^_^

  15. Mimi says:

    Oh Chun those bunnies are so cuttttte! I had the same reaction lol like in the videos soooooo cute!!! kekeke bun buns omg

    Life is so precious!

    Good luck in the contest you’re top 2 it’s such a close tie right now I have no idea what I’m going to do! >.<

  16. TsubasaNoTenshi says:

    Ah, chun, you made my day! Suddenly feel like watching…

    *Too cute…can …. not … function*


  17. marvinryan says:

    @Tenrou, you’re probably subliminally thinking of a different type of bunnies. ^^;

  18. Otaku Dan says:

    this post is filled with soooo much cuteness

  19. Gunstray says:

    Awww how can you handle that much cuteness

  20. chun says:

    Hehhe thanks for all the comments peeps :) sorry was kinda busy so haven’t really have time to reply earlier ^^;

    @Marvin heh I saw some protective gooseling mommies before ^^; scary, don’t want to get bitten ^^; (LOL at your comment to Tenrou XD)

    @Gordon, I think I kinda know a place which have bunnies in SG out and about sometimes :P

    @Blowfish, we still feel kinda sad and miss him when we think about meowmeow, esp since when we’re home he’s always being nosy and around us… but being sad unfortunately won’t bring him back =_= the first couple days was the worst =_= Now keeping busy kinda helps…

    @Tenrou lol glad you got inspired! ^o^

    @Mimi hope the contest went well ^^;

  21. whyiloveacting says:

    awww…. poor animals… so thet just let them go???

  22. Michael Flux says:

    Wow, cuteness overload :p

    Though seems like other people already said the same thing -_-

  23. chun says:

    @whyiloveacting it seems like it :O and since rabbits are usually not nuetered, they start to make family every year ^^;

    @Michael Flux haha! Well glad you think so too ^^

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