Snow geese are back!

They’re back! A bit earlier this year?

Last year they arrived in November, and it felt a lot colder then I think? One of husband’s post from last year can be found here :3 Another one in 2010!

Click to full view the glory of the denseness of Snow geese!

There must be hundreds of them, if not over a thousand I’m guessing! Last year my husband look some pretty spectacular shots when the snow geese came last November, so seems this year they’re a bit early :o The first flock of them came on 7th October.

Sometimes they would decide to fly upwards, circle a bit in the air and land in the same farmland XD It’s really spectacular to watch, almost like watching real life National Geographic happening right outside o_o;

The camera just cannot do the magnificence of this sighting justice at all!

As they land, dust clouds can be seen flying about…

This year the farmlands are rather dry :o

The photos below are taken on Saturday 7 October, when they just arrived ^o^

This time I was very lucky to be able to come so close to some of the snow geese :D

Zoomed in a lot for some, was really afraid would get pooped on haha!


Beautiful mild Autumn afternoon, probably one of the warmest autumn I’ve experienced so far ^^;

Omake, Canadian geese in flight :3

Autumn colours