There’s something about Blythes

Disclaimer: I know not many people like dolls, and even less so blythe dolls, so I am not directly linking up to the photo which I was inspired from for that reason.

The image below is heavily inspired by a photo of one of my dolly friends took on flickr :)

I would say blythes was somewhat an “acquired taste” for me. My first “encounter” with blythe photographs online was one of her head opened, with all the inside eye mechanisms exposed, not the prettiest image for a first timer I must say!

I was of course rather freaked out initially, but over time I see more photos of blythe dolls taken all over world, going places, wearing clothing accessories lovingly hand made or purchased by their owners, in little photo stories… having different looks and occupations… and I guess I fell in love! :)

I discovered I could sew small clothing for this large big eyed girl with a smaller than barbie body, and realized I found an unexpected muse for myself after having relocated a few years ago, I haven’t really looked back I guess! :) Blythe is still my favourite doll so far, why? Big head, check, big eyes, check, barely any nose, check, little mouth, check…! For some reason I can’t get enough of her even tho I have other types of dolls in my collection I play with my blythes the most!

Curious about my dolls? Feel free to check out :)

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  1. suki
    suki says:

    I think your dolls are all very cute and interesting ^^
    There's only one doll that I can't look at >.> I'll try to send you a picture of her somehow (she's pretty).

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