Feral bunny stalking 2

My husband had to go get his car serviced which was why we went back again, it was a cold cloudy afternoon, slightly drizzling and he talked about seeing fist sized bunnies… we saw this one and I had to try to go approach it!

Please visit: / for more information.

And also if you intend to adopt a rabbit or any other animal as a pet, before you commit, do more research and be a responsible pet owner!  A pet is a life too and often they become family in the long run!

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Feral bunny stalking

At the Richmond Auto Mall, during certain seasons, feral bunnies can be sighted, and while they are cute, it is rather sad to know that they probably had been bunnies who were let loose into the wild to fend for themselves, or offsprings of “unwanted” bunnies :/

People should really be aware that owning a bunny, or any pets is a big responsibility, before buying one without thinking.  Do your home work, adopt from a shelter if you can. has some bunny related information. (Link found from

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