Rabbit Festival Vancouver 2015

Wow has it been a year already?! It felt longer for some reason!

As it turns out I was able to bug my husband to drive me to check out this year’s Rabbit Festival again ^o^! 

It was rainy when I arrived so I didn’t take a picture of the outside, like last year (click to see last year’s post).

I posted some photos on this blog entry, but if you want to see all the photos you can check out this album on flickr — also if you see any of your bunnies and would like to have a version without my URL, please leave a comment, I’ll try to send it to you, ideally I would like some kind of proof that the bunny is yours ^^; Some of the photos have been cropped so what you see may be the biggest size there is.

It feels like there was more people/bunnies compared to last year :)

Head bumps and nose boops!

I’m happy to say this year, other than checking out cute bunnies, I also visited a friend, Becky and her daughter whom I was able to befriend last year, they were volunteering at the festival. :)
Here’s the big gentle giant Arlo:

Sundae (also Becky and her daughter’s bunny) won the banana eating contest (she poses next to her prize)! I was informed that Sundae decided she likes her ears to be different directions XD

Shy little bun :)

Funny face XD

Bunny Agility in progress :3

Solving puzzles

Diorama, with somewhat edible props ^^;

I couldn’t get any sharp picture of the cute Lion head being squished by another bunny (in the “house”)

Tiny ears and big googly eyes <3!

For the rest of the photos, please check out this album on flickr :D