Autumn bunny finding

I noticed that there are bunnies out and about these days, the weather and temperature seems to be suitable for them I guess :) And guess what I think we might have come across the bunny which induced a lot of “AWWWWWWW” when it was a bebe!!!! I embedded the video below the photo ;3 Video was uploaded in March 12, 2009

Really hope it’s the same bunny! :)

The bunny below is really tame o_o It thought I had food (Unfortunately I don’t :P) and I touched the tip of it’s ear for a moment ^^;

Squirrels want food too ^^;

Bums away! :P

Mamachapp and Wind up Alpaca adventures were documented too ^^/

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  1. garturo62
    garturo62 says:

    whoa a park with so many bunnies, I would love to see that. Where I live you only see wild hare in the middle of the dessert(arizona). >x<

  2. chun
    chun says:

    Hmmm it’s not that many bunnies lol it also depends on the weather and such, I’m guessing we see more baby bunnies in spring, and Autumn the bigger ones come out to get fed by people visiting the park ^^;

  3. malaynightheron
    malaynightheron says:

    I enjoy your blogger, just want to let you know I have problem with your RSS feeding, all I can get is your old art work submission, but can’t see your new post. *-*

    And I love alpaca! 8D

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