Clear Winter day

I biked out for an errand last Wednesday, it turned out lovely after the grey looming clouds in the morning was blown away.  It was still really cold out, I had to wear two hats under my helmet, gloves and wind breaker under two layers of clothing to bike out on my Strida Mini, but you know looking at the beautiful blue sky, it was worth it lol!

I had a late breakfast so I didn’t have lunch yet, when I biked past Moncton Cafe around 2.30pm and they were still open for lunch, I had to go in and try it out :)

It wasn’t just me in the cafe, there was a table or two occupied, I would think it is way past lunch hour to be busy, they close at 3 pm, and open a bit later for dinner hours ^^

The interior is clean and neat.

The waiting area, probably for when it’s busier ^^

Clear soup of the day (?) included with my order

I ordered a ginger ale and a pork katsu tenderloin with curry, salad on the side, I loved that they included my favourite Japanese style potato salad ^^ so delicious! The katsu tenderloin was crispy on the outside, and complimented the lightly spiced curry well. And of course Japanese rice went perfect with it all ^^/

Yum… It’s like stepping into Japan again :P briefly…

I enjoyed my meal, I wish it was a little cheaper tho lol! The waitresses were very nice, and one of them asked me about Strida Mini before I left :)

There was some filming happening in Steveston Village area…

Starting to bike back after lunch, what a spectacular day!

It was windy on my way to Steveston village and it felt like I was being slowed down on my one gear Strida Mini lol But on way back it was slightly better ^^

The sun sets early these days =_= by 5pm it’s usually already dark :( If it rains all day/all week it’s even worse :P So I’ll enjoy whatever I can get!