Got an idea from the husband to do something with the character created for him… it went from joking around to a full blown-ish artwork XD

I did not just draw the head of course… LOL

Initially Bat mouse’s occupation was “Mail mouse”, it was inspired by how my husband used to help me mail out doll clothing before he go to work ^^; I drew “Mouse” before with “Puppy” as shown below at this blog entry in February of 2009.

Somehow over time, “Mail” mouse morphed into Bat mouse over the years, you may recognize this avatar below used by my husband here and there :P

This afternoon… Batmouse evolved even more to somewhat resemble his Batty counterpart ^^; Initially I wanted to keep the rounded mouse like ears, but husband requested I use the “bat” ears from Batman ^^; The original mucking around looked quite deformed and hilarious XD! I am glad it eventually became this version which even my husband was happy with ;)

I hope you had fun looking at this version as I had fun making it XD

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10 Comments on "Batmouse Evolution"

5 years 18 days ago

hahahaaa… KAWAIII!!! reminds me of ebichu~~~~ :3

5 years 22 days ago

Haha ! Cuteness overload. I am love this !

5 years 23 days ago

very weird style kawainess XD…

i wonder how he fight crime with those tiny hands…

5 years 25 days ago


5 years 25 days ago

Batmouse Begins! Does he talk really gruffly like Christian Bale to the point that you can’t understand him? XD Very chu-te! Are you going to draw a mouse wheel as the Bat Tumbler? LOL Ok, that’s it for my Bat & Mouse jokes…

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