Summer wedding

Attended a friend’s wedding ceremony and dinner last week :) Took some photos but didn’t have a chance to share them until today ^^;

People were making their way in to attend the ceremony :) My friend looked fantastic and radiant but she’s kinda camera shy so I won’t post her photos publicly ;D

Live music was a touch of perfection :)

Wedding location and dinner was at Queen Elizabeth Park and dinner was at Seasons in the Park.

View from the restaurant was fantastic! It was a great view at night too, but was busy conversing with friends, forgot to take a photo later ^^;

Most delicious salad EVAR!

Assorted shell fish (I didn’t take picture of the other place ^^;)

Crab cake *drool* had to take an allergy pill to eat this since I am allergic to seafood ^^; but Om nom nom :P

Had a doll for a snack… JK :P I brought Precious along as she’s tiny, and also the Bride’s favorite of my petite blythe dolls :)

My friend on my right had fish,

husband and me had beef.

Dessert… could barely finish ^^; it went well with tea tho :)

Thanks again to our friend for inviting us to share your big day!!! :) We wish you all the best in your future with your husband ^O^!

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  1. kmyk
    kmyk says:

    I went to a wedding recently too! We went to the Pan Pacific though. I remember a couple months back, me and my mom were snooping around that ceremony area and peering inside haha. If there are two choices for dinner, me and my bf always get separate things so that we can share and try both~

    I am allergic to pets so if I go to someone’s house to visit and they have pets, I pop a allergy med too! Little price to pay I think :)

  2. chun
    chun says:

    huuhuuu I should have gotten different dish that night lol but it was all good tho ^^ such a pity to be allergic to pets huh >_<; doh

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