Anime Evolution 1

This is my first Anime Evolution after so many years in Canada ^^; and also after many years of not attending conventions, I thank my friend from out of town for inviting me to take part this year.

I had a lot of fun stalking chasing cosplayers… like the adorable Mudkip below (Squeeeeeeeeee) and yes he(?) got a lot of hugs from everyone :P I’m sure it must be so hot inside the outfit tho! ^^;

By the way any of the cosplayers whom I featured here if you want a bigger version of your cosplay attempt please kindly let me know, you can e-mail me at puppy52 (at) gmail!


I’m sure it’s all worth it :P

This is my most favourite pose by it XD

One more, just because even the butt is full of WIN!

My personal 2nd favourite has to be the Mokona ^^; It’s not a prop, it actually walks, with the help from the cute assistants cosplaying as Maru and Moro from xxxholic on the side ^o^

3rd place on my favourite list would be DomoKun lol I couldn’t get over when I saw him/it walking quickly down the moving escalator and someone yelled, “BE CAREFUL DOMOKUN!!!” lol

I was intending to just drop off the artwork on the first day then head home to work, got out early just for that but then due to an error on our part, I got locked out of my place and wasted quite a bit of time going back and forth ^^;;;;

(image below taken when I was  on my way home, without realising I was locked out :P)

Lady from Devil May Cry :D

Ugh I cannot remember the anime for this lady cosplayer lol (Anyone wanna help me out? ^^;) I kinda have it on back of my head but just can’t recall ^^;/

Thanks Euphoric and Saku for helping me out! — tibit from Saku:  Lenalee from D.gray-man. She wears the 3rd version of the “Black Order’ uniform which is quite rare to find as I didn’t find any at Anime North 2009.

Good thing was fur kids at least got a bit to eat before we left the house so nothing at home was destroyed ^^; After some last minute emergency thinking I head off to borrow internet from friend’s shop — which was almost an hour+ public transit from where the con was…

Lookie Code Geass ladies <3

My feet by the time was killing me by the time so I stopped for lunch, a rest and to cool down – the weather was rather warm to be outside walking for long hours ^^; … and then I got a call later and was told that some of our artwork was dropping off so we — either me or my out of town friend had to go back secure it lol! Phew! lol

The tallest Kaito in this photo is Cleartranquil ^^/ Man that guy’s tall ^^;

At the Art Gallery, I bumped into Lightningsabre who kindly helped me picked up all the pins and clips for securing the artwork I kept dropping over and over ^^;;;; and we also bumped into the famous gaijin Kaito cosplayer in Japan, Cleartranquil, and unfortunately the photo I had with him, I look terrible so that picture will never again see the light of day(LOL). We bumped into him again on the 2nd day and my husband took  a couple pix of him (that to come in next entry I promise!)

My friend cosplayed as La Corda D oro‘s Kahoko Hino (I think lol) we had fun goofing around a bit :P I think some people also got some pictures of her trying to recycle her violin :P (I took those shots on her camera so I cannot post any at the moment – oops)

Earning Singapore dollars in Canada ^^;


Encountered a fight to the death… This is SPARTA!!!! :P

Name that character time! ^^;

lightningsabre named the Angel with mace and twintails. and wikipedia and google revealed the other as Zakuro Mitsukai, both from Bokusatsu Angel Dokuro-chan

One of our favourite characters lol, Kame Sen’nin/Master Roshi from Dragon Ball ^^

Very tall crossplayer and pretty cosplayer… name that character desu?
Thanks Mai and Saku again for naming these 2 below, they are: Suigintou and Suiseiseki from Rozen Maiden.

Kore nan deska? ^^;
Lene kindly identified these drums as Taiko no Tatsujin mascots ^o^

Backlit Kakashi from Naruto ^^;

This convention has taught me a lot of things about taking pictures of cosplayers. ASK them for a picture, they are more likely to strike a cool pose for you, sometimes even get into a better lighting if you ask nicely. Otherwise you may en up with more back view or blurry photos (like some of mine ^^;) if you don’t ask ^^;/

Below is this gorgeous Yoko cosplayer who stopped and pose for me and my friend, I photoshopped her bag off the ground ^^;

Adorable Lolita <3!

Found the Vega whom I took a shot of the back view earlier ^^;

My friend managed to finally bump into the other cosplayer who was dressed up as a character from the same series ^o^ I took some pretty cool pix of them together ^O^!

All these pictures are taken with Lumix LX3, I took advantage of the slight distortion to create some illusion of height adjustments to the subjects ;P I am so pleased with the pictures I took of my friend’s cosplay, I’m gonna feature it in a seperate entry in near future! Promise :)

We bumped into a Harddo Gay cosplayer ^^;;;;; Of course we gotta stop him and take a buncha pix, unfortunately I was LOLing so only this one turned out half decent err is there even such a term for Harddo Gay? ^^ (I was being the obnoxious person who kept going YAHOOOOOO~~~~~ after him when he went on his way :P)

Okay I gotta head out soon, I will also post some photos which my husband took yesterday — it was his first time at a convention, I think he enjoyed it (taking lots of photos) enough to say, “Cosplay should be an everyday event!” LOL

I’ll sign off with a nice photo lol :P

Thanks for looking! I hope you enjoyed it so far, and like I said, MOAR TO COME!

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  1. mai
    mai says:

    oh! I know one! finally! XD the tall girl and pretty girl in blue and green dress are Rosen maiden!!
    Suigintou and suiseiseki!

  2. lightningsabre
    lightningsabre says:

    Dropped the pins and clips over and over and over… hahaha jk XD

    The angel with the big mace is Dokuro-chan… but I have no idea who the character is beside her. From the same series, I’m sure.

    A! And Cat had two cosplay?? She was somebody else when I saw her on Saturday 0.o Or is this another friend?

  3. princess chuchi
    princess chuchi says:

    Great photos!! I loved the costumes this year, and the location was nice too (not to mention awesome weather). I’ll be posting my pics tomorrow probably. I love that Mudkip!! XD

  4. chun
    chun says:

    Thank you! :D there’s more to come but I gotta look and sort thru ^^;;;/ Look forward to see your pix! That Mudkip is adorable indeed! I suspect they derived it from Mud skipper :P

  5. chun
    chun says:

    Well that’s the truth ^^;;;;

    Thanks for the input on the name! and yes Cat had 2 cosplay, ^o^ she cosplayed as you saw above on Friday afternoon ^^/

  6. chun
    chun says:

    Woo thanks :D I was rather confused as I remember her with twin tails? but I didn’t follow the series as it got too draggy :P I agree about Suiseiseki ^^/

  7. Akari
    Akari says:

    So wanted to meet up with people from DC, thought I saw you once on Sunday while waiting in that horrid line for the Cosplay Cafe [which I eventually left]…

  8. Saku
    Saku says:

    The series did get too draggy but at least it ends around episode 100ish and it follows the manga almost exactly ^^

  9. chun
    chun says:

    haha we didn’t even know there was a cafe ^^; but we were there mainly to take pix of cosplayers ^o^ I didn’t even buy much, was a bit overwhelmed… but was tempted by some stuff lol

  10. Michael Flux
    Michael Flux says:

    Oh wow, hahahaha, I don’t know who I like more, the mudkip or Hard Gay :D :D :D

    I can’t even imagine what the innocent people who were just passing by were thinking – “wtf is with all these crazies” :D

  11. chun
    chun says:

    aahahhaha well there are people who dressed up as movie characters XD so it’s fine :3 all of them do homework on how each character acts LOL BTW I love HG ^^;;; we think he’s very funny :P too bad he has retired!

  12. chun
    chun says:

    LOL I love how the Mudkip’s face despite it being so simple, with a small hand position it looks like it has a completely different feeling/expression :P Hard Gay is just… Harddo Gay lol!

  13. Psy
    Psy says:

    Mudkip here ^^

    My friend took a picture of me and Harddo Gay together. I had the wrong expression though. The hands were on the bottom lip for “Happy/suprised” when they should have been on the top lip for “Shocked/scared” XD

    Lemme see if I can get a copy posted somewhere I can link it.

  14. chibinezumi
    chibinezumi says:

    looks like so much fun!! there seems to be a little of everything and everyone, that makes for a good convention. And yeah mudkip is the cutest ^^

  15. nyann
    nyann says:

    OooooOo its the mudkip! I love your costume! So adorable! :D
    I think I kept trying to take pics with you. Haha. (am the violin girl in the pics here)

  16. Pyoro
    Pyoro says:

    lalala was sipping water and enjoying the pics ya took until my eyes gazed upon hardgay, at which point i nearly choked on my drink!
    WTH hairy armpit! wished you had at least photoshop that off *choke choke ^^
    and that crotch of his OMG did he go hard or what?

    gotta love mudkip though so kawaii!

  17. chun
    chun says:

    LOL sorry about that :P the original hardgay have a very nice body lol! as for hard or not…. no idea ^^;

    And yes moar love for da mudkip lol

  18. Meimi132
    Meimi132 says:

    Awwwww such awesome pics!!!! I so regretting not taking many at the last expo I was at, but just didnt feel like it for some reason. Love the Hard Gay cosplayer.

  19. chun
    chun says:

    thanks! :D I must thank my husband too, he took the bulk of the picture in the next batch which I am gonna show soon lol, I was a bit pre-occupied by my art gallery stuff ^^; and I need to work on being brave enough to ask people to pose :P

  20. Dj
    Dj says:

    Hey, That is a good pic of me in my Master Roshi cosplay. and I have to say that my the Suiseiseki in the picture following mine is breathtaking. My absolute favourite cosplay of the con.

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