Art and Snow Nyoron~

Sorry for lack of art updates, nyoron~ ^^; Hopefully this entry might make up for it somehow? ^^;
One more artwork and some photos ^^/
It was shoppu day ^^/ Did couple doodles during slower hours, kinda liked how this one is turning out ^o^

 On Wednesday evening it snowed a little, hubs told me the winds were rather strong ^^; The snow stuck just a little, like dusting of icing on a cake ^o^

The way it accumulated on the leaves is very interesting neh?

It accumulated a little on the bench by the bus stop… I wished I brought a doll with me ^^; (Nyoron~ =_=)

And kinda accumulated a little on some of the signboards around ^^;

Moar snow ^^; Started to melt off tho ^^;


Adorable drawings by some kids on display at the mall ^^
(Saw them when I went to the post office) Click in images if U want to see the small details on the nametags ^^;/

New snow is fun! ^o^

Snow storm? ^^;

I was running late so ano… had burger for lunch ^^; they had a nice deal tho ^o^

Meowmeow love boxes…


We gots the Nyoron disease ^^; TGIF ^^;

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  1. Mimi
    Mimi says:

    Nyoron that is so cute! Awesome how your artworks up there are cute in different ways. You make the snow seem cute too :P That would be a wicked slide to slide down. >_+

    Ahaha my dad was peering over my shoulder when I was watching the nyoron~ video. Soo nyoron~ :3 :3 Have a great day Chun!

  2. chun
    chun says:

    @Mimi hehe thanks :) glad U think so ;P! Hope your dad enjoyed the Nyoron~ video! lol

    @LEon that’s one of his best feature ;)!

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