Post birthday documentation ^^

Take note, my birthday has already passed okay :P LOL This is just an entry to document activities and of course FOOD ABUSE lol! We start with this yummy salmon burger (Which I already took a nibble of) which I had at Watermark on Kits Beach  photo taken by my husband ^^ I took one before the nibble but I felt that this one taken by my husband looks better ^^/

Husband had Halibat fish and chips, (He thought it was so-so) and we hung out with his siblings and their significant others ^^

Passed by ice cream van, but no more room to fit anything more ^^;

Saw a beautiful Iris in someone’s garden, took a couple shots, this one turned out better ^^/

Next stop, hunting for an item for someone ^o^;

Initially thought it would be easy as pie, since Gastown has many souvenir shops, but ended up going thru a few shops before finding some, for some reason that particular item was really hard to find this summer. When we finally found some, we grabbed all that’s left on the shelf ^^;

Fast forward a bit, we went to Nood afterwards for a bit, got a few small items as they have some stuff on sale or clearance ^o^ I scored a nice little notepad from husband :) Didn’t take pix at Nood tho ^^;

I took Mirai chan out ^o^ Unfortunately I ended up mostly having her in the bag ^^; She’s wearing a test top ^^ The back is not well fitted yet ^^; Gotta fix the pattern :P

Fastforward some more… what?  Dinner time already? We went to Manzo Itamae ^^/It was a late dinner actually, around 8.30 pm, but since the days are longer in Summer it is still nice and bright.  Before that, husband picked up a surprise cake for me ^o^;; I wasn’t expecting cake as I felt kinda bloated these days ^^; We decided to have the cake later in the evening after some errands ^^

Grabbed Vivi with me, didn’t take too many photos tho as lighting is quite limited ^^;

We ordered a few things to share ^^ Below is very very delicious Gyoza!  First time seeing it presented like this, but it was very good ^^ will definitely get again next time we go :P

Below is a type of tempura – chikuwa with cheese inside and deep fried after dipping in a batter I think… ^^; If you bite into it when it’s still hot, the cheese oozes out and you can scald your tongue if you’re not careful ^^;

Another shot taken by husband ^^

Mango roll ^O^ Oiishi so!

Duck breast ^^ it came with some dollops of mustard (?) as it was cooked until it was about done so that it is very tender and slightly chewy ^^/ the sauce was a miso reduction ^o^ I liked that it has some veggies on the side. A bit too much meat for me tho ^^;

Ready for cake? ^^; (Had to colour adjust it quite a bit ^^;) sorry if it still looks kinda wonky ^o^;

Huge strawberry ^^; The chocolate mousse cake was quite tasty but there was raspberries in it… like lots ^^;;;; (I don’t like raspberries :P) Also it was very rich ^o^; Husband was saying that when he ordered the cake, they didn’t tell him there’s gonna be raspberries in it ^^;

Invited brother in law and waifu over to cut cake and help us out lol but since the cake is very rich they couldn’t finish ^^;

Non birthday related stuff, I finally completed the non doll related project I was working on ^o^ Basically this top is an attempt to replicate a top which I own and loved but had shranked it a bit by accident in the dryer ;_;  Some notes etc on flickr ^^;/

Okay it’s late ^^; I should go to bed, another long day ahead tomorrow!  Thanks for the birthday wishes and comments from the last entry! :) I’ll try to make a post about art next time ^^;/

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  1. maru
    maru says:

    Wow.. lotsa evil food pix indeed.. *stomach complaints* ^^;

    VIVI! I melt everytime I see a pic of Vivi. ~.~

    Mmm. Chikuya sounds yummy. Cheese is bery tempting desu. Must have some when I have the chance :3 Huge strawberry is HUGE! Must’ve been genetically modified! @.@ Very nice cake! It looks huge enough – don’t think any couple can actually finish that xD

    Btw, was the Nyoro~n banner made a long time ago? I just saw it and man I love it =3=

  2. Koshiko
    Koshiko says:

    *¬* Gosh, so yummy~~!

    Glad you had a great day and lot’s of yummy food ;3

    I don’t like raspberries either ^^;; I would’ve assumed it had strawberries since it has them on the top =/ [I love strawberries x3]

    Shirts look lovely [both yours and Mirai’s~], they’re both very sweet :3

  3. chun
    chun says:

    @maru ^^;;;; U been warned no? lol Vivi is a cutie pie desu ^o^
    and yes Huge strawberry IS huge ^^; and no, big part still sitting in fridge ^^;
    and yes it was made a while ago lol there’s a few rotating banner on top ^^

    @Koshiko I had a FULL day ^^; the raspberries have seeds in it I think and there’s a crunchy feeling which I cannot get rid of :P
    I prefer strawberries on top, not in the cake lol and thank you :D

    @marvin lol I did :D thanks! :D

    @Romina lol! I don’t dare to stare at them too long ^^;

    @Micheal Flux trust me it was a big piece of cake lol at least 1.5 inch x 2/3 inch ^^;

  4. lightningsabre
    lightningsabre says:

    Wow that is the first time I’ve seen a gyoza like that too… Taking too many creative liberties there ^^; The first food looks just delish! I dunno though, somehow getting a salmon sandwich just beats the purpose of going to a restaurant sometimes, especially if it’s like The Keg or Montana’s XD

  5. chibinezumi
    chibinezumi says:

    wahhh!!! need to quit reading your posts on empty stomach! food looks sooo good! The iris is pretty, my mom had one like that come up out of nowhere one year. mirai chan’s top is cute, and amazing job on the full size top! so thats what those pleats were for! It’s adorable :)

  6. chun
    chun says:

    @Michael Flux LOL! in denial! :P

    @gordon lol! there was one year he kinda did something even cuter for my birthday if I find the cake I’ll post it someday :P (maybe next year LOL)

    @chibinezumi lol yah don’t read my posts on empty stomach ^^; sometimes the food pix look so good I need to put it as first picture!

    @RyoBase Yes sir I did ^o^

    @kam_shuen thank you! :D

  7. Lene
    Lene says:

    All those food shots look so tasty, especially the mango roll and cake!

    Also, happy late birthday *w* I’m barely catching up on things in the blogosphere *3* I cooped myself up after vacation started playing video games, lol.

  8. xJAYMANx
    xJAYMANx says:

    @Puppy-Chun: Awww… {Pssst} Btw, I’m not late for your B-day 2009, I’m just waaaaayyyyy early for your b-day 2010. “Happy Birthday! Better early than never!” ^o^

  9. chun
    chun says:

    @Lene lol! thank you! and welcome back! lol!

    @Kanon ^o^;;;; thank you!

    @kmyk It’s lunch time now and I’m hungry thinking about the food pix ^^;;; and thank you!

    @xJayx :P that’s cheating! LOL thank you :P

  10. chun
    chun says:

    @Coco the Bean Thank you :D and oh lol it takes a long time for me to finish a top human size ^^; a lot more work involved than making a doll clothing ^^;

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