Commission work – Mascot of Gordonator Part 3

Herru, felt like long time no blog ^^; Over the weekend, husband helped me reinstall my laptop’s OS, and that took a little bit longer to finish up.

On a better note, Gordon‘s “million dollar” mascot is finally somewhat completed. Unfortunately other than the million dollar fund transfer, my promised blythe doll in the mail has not arrived yet… (just kidding! :P) So I won’t be showing the full version just yet :P
Will be hammering out some details over e-mail later on :3

None art related tumblr post (food ahead warning :P)

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  1. xJAYMANx
    xJAYMANx says:

    Aww, too cute. ^_^

    A long time? Hasn’t been 2 weeks, and you’re finished already? How? Discovered the secret to thirty-hour days? LOL ^_^

  2. puppy52doll
    puppy52doll says:

    xjaymanx haha! thanks for dropping by ^^/ I wish I know the secret to 30 hour days ^^;

  3. xJAYMANx
    xJAYMANx says:

    I wish too! And congrats! I’m guessing this project took between 20-30 hours, so mathematically, it really took ONE day, lol. ^_^

    P.S. Hmmm, I’d also guess her saber has *multiple” uses? LOL. O.O;

  4. puppy52doll
    puppy52doll says:

    xjaymanx could be about right, and errrr I dunno what U mean by the multiple uses ^^;;;;

  5. gordon
    gordon says:

    what!? u haven’t receive the blythe doll yet?

    i have specifically told the new monkey intern to personally ensure the package is mailed out. damn!

    anyway nicely done! ^^;
    seeing her is like falling in love. ^^;

    btw i replied your e-mail.

  6. xJAYMANx
    xJAYMANx says:

    Hahaha, love the sweat drops! Reminds me of these comments. ^_^;

    P.S. Yeah, my Akiko took about 37 hours. But only 1-2 hours per night~ that’s why it took a *month* instead of a *week*, arghhhh. Still haven’t started my next one. Oh well, at least I’m in the final stages of *Operation Rebox*~ just 9 more figures to go, lol.

  7. puppy52doll
    puppy52doll says:

    gordon, for some reason I got a double post from U so I deleted the double :P and got your e-mail will reply soonish

    xjaymanx ideally I would want to finish it faster but if I take longer time to do it I can tweak it better. ^^

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