Nobara Yukinokouji – Boku x Inu SS fan art

Was looking in my fan art folder and found this art from 2013 I didn’t complete the background for, so I did that and am sharing it lol. Recently acquired Clip Studio Paint and used their brushes to add some random nonsensical details :P I enjoyed Boku x Inu SS fan art, and liked some of the character designs XD

I haven’t been drawing for fun very much, I think people probably forget that I do LOL

Recently did a very quick doodle of something silly, inspired by a super talented artist Don Low

I don’t have an art page for my facebook BUT our cats Ginko and Yoshi have a facebook page ^^ and I do have a page for puppy52dolls – my doll clothing sewing ^o^ You’re super welcome to like them lol!

Thanks for looking! :3

The Drawing Board Submission – Baby Versions of Fictional Characters

Thanks everyone who kindly helped me share the previous submission, and also everyone who liked it and bought it! I can’t wait for mine to arrive :P

I had an idea for the “Baby Versions of Fictional Characters” theme so here’s my artwork :3

I’m quite sure there will be tons of submission for this theme, who can resist drawing cute baby versions of fictional characters! There’s too many choices to pick from to babyfy LOL!

Doodle ^^;

Update: Really stoked that they picked my art >_<;! It’s number 4 :D The designs will be available for a week, and the one sold the most will be kept on the sight but the rest will be gone forever ^^;

Drew an artwork for an art contest held by PDS Showcase of Awesome, now renamed to “The Drawing board” – Badass Teddy Bear ^o^ Larger size here.

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Happy Valentine!

Quicky doodle ^^; a bit late as in some parts of the world Valentine’s over ^^;;


I had this idea in my head which I cannot wipe off so here it is :P In my head it’s actually a lot sketchier than it is here ^^;

Hope everyone’s had/are having a good one :D

Maridah Saber fan art

…with a twist! (click image below for larger art)

I’ve always wanted to draw a fan art of Maridah san, my most favorite Saber cosplayer (EVER) lol and when she talked about wanting to get a necomimi…. I HAD TO DO IT!!! LOL (in between other stuff, like laundry and housework etc ^^;)  I did it rather quickly so some of the details like hair and clothes are not very refined, but I think I am quite happy with this piece of art despite it being somewhat rushed :P

I will put this into my gallery later ^^/ Thanks for looking!

ALSO, for those who want a Waffle the cat or Happy puppy zazzle teeshirt, Zazzle is having a 50% off their teeshirt until tomorrow! :)

Waffles the cat Tee-shirt

Brief background: Waffles is the name of an adorable scottish fold cat which belong to a couple of my friends in the states <3 Waffles has his own facebook page which has a lot more photos ;)!

With kind permission from Waffle’s owners, currently a couple Waffles tee shirts are listed on Zazzle :)

I set the option to white tee-shirts only, due to that I think the white teeshirt prints are more satisfactory.  All sales on my zazzle are generally used on stickers/name cards to give out ^^;/ I will probably make some designs to make stickers too :D

Kids size L will fit the smaller ladies

For the guys and girls who prefer a looser fit :)

Waffles the Cat

Waffles is the name of an adorable scottish fold cat which belong to a couple of my friends in the states <3

Everytime I see Waffles, I kinda want to have some icecream waffles which um inspired the doodle above (tummy rumbles) ^^; Waffles has his own facebook page which has a lot more photos ;)!

Urban Tea Merchant

Attended a doll meet at Urban Tea Merchant in downtown, organised to meet with the lovely Archangeli who’s in town for work :D

It was my first time there and I was rather excited! XD Evil food pix ahead!  You have been warned!

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Happy Puppy

Nao in Photo Mess!

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Doodle documentation

A lot of the drawings I recently make are little artwork which I try to include in packages I ship out to people who bought my sewing… I am actually not sure if I can do this long term — as in drawing something for each package, it slows down the packing process a lot too… *rubs chin* but we shall see ^^;

It does make me happy when people actually like my artwork. Below is a couple artwork which Alvin and Yu chan laminated and showed me in a photo ^o^

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