With my husband’s encouragement I got a set of SD gunpla to work on last week (when it’s not so hot lol)

Husband said I should pick the one I like the least to work on first in case of mistake… I picked Gogg as I’m not sure if I like his oddly long arms out of the three, but I must say this little fella grew on me after I snapped him together ^^;

It’s an interesting experience, and I’m glad I started on SDs because I don’t think I can handle the MG and HG etc ^^; Too many pieces! :P

I must admit I was attracted to this set of three because they look really cute ^^;

It’s interesting to try it in person, I can see why my husband enjoy building them. I feel a sense of accomplishment from just only snapping SD Gogg together ^^;  My husband is more of a perfectionist, and he carefully modifies the actual gunpla to look the way he wants them to.

One snapped, 2 more to go :P

After I snapped Gogg together, he went and interrupted husband’s photo shooting of his gunpla ^^; Gogg also made friends with my Dollfie Dream Nyanko ^^;

The next day he helped me prepare lunch…

He was very insistent…

I asked him to guard the soy sauce ^^;

Took Churuya san nendoroid out time to time ^^

Hung out with a friend of ours last week during an unexpectedly hot afternoon ^^;

Looks like our friend got a set of Mojibakeru, and he brought a couple to show us XD

Another afternoon, I thought I lost the fork of Churuya san nendoroid ^^; went into a panic, and got some plastic sheet from husband to make a temporary replacement. After I was done, I found the fork on the floor :P It probably dropped out when I was opening the box ^^; Oh well, it helps to have a back up :P

SD Gogg made friehds with Churuya san :P

Hey look, smoked cheese!


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18 Responses to gunpla and nendoroid

  1. FatB says:

    Goggs appendages are similar color to smoked cheese. Churuya san gonna eat him.

  2. aquilla429 says:

    Seig Zeon! I love the amphibious Zeon suits, they really are adorable even in non SD form. The SD big Zam kit is adorable too, it looks like some demented fat green bird with huge legs XD

    I’d like to buy a gunpla kit, but I know not only will I end up spending lots of money, but I’ll just have a shelf full of MS 09 Doms. They’re the cutest mecha ever <3<3<3

  3. chun says:

    lol possibly :P

  4. chun says:

    Doms are cute, but I think I like zakus the most lol

  5. Agito says:

    hmmm actually for me gunpla is nothing hard haha… i mean assemble part.
    just follow instruction 1 by 1 is okay oledi.

    the hard part is how to paint , air brush etc… but i never do that, no space and no money get equipment XD

  6. Samejima says:

    Ah yes.. I can relate that “sense of accomplishment” in the past… I don’t know if I still feel that way at present cuz I don’t think I’m improving much…

  7. Samejima says:

    And would love to see you improving.. and building a PG kit :3

  8. Agito says:

    i’d like to get some “Iclay” to model something hehe… but neeed get some place to focus on that…

  9. Gunstray says:

    Yah sure picked out the moe of gundam, and Im worried poor gogg would have his hand eaten as well.

    …SD’s has full fingers?

  10. TAKET0MB0 says:

    What a helpful little gunpla!
    Do they do cleaning/chores as well? XD

  11. chun says:

    My husband is hoping I’ll paint them lol!

  12. chun says:

    it may take a while lol!

  13. chun says:

    Gogg’s hand has a movable part for thumb, 4 fingers move together? :)

  14. chun says:

    lol I wish! :P it’ll take a long time tho ^^;

  15. chun says:

    lol I saw it! my husband showed it to me via figure.fm ^^ the first thing which came to mind is… pedobear custom LOL

  16. chubbybots says:

    Haha get your husband to paint them for you nice ^^ Stumbled upon your site. Really nice!

  17. chun says:

    hahahaha actually if I can I’d like to paint it myself :D I saw an airbrush demo at a shop before (with the husband) pretty cool ^o^

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