Mirai Suenaga fan art

Yup another Mirai Suenaga chan fan art ^^;

Seeing so many yummy fan arts on figure.fm, makes me itchy to make one, so um took a break to make one (LOL) Ugh still lots of stuff to pack (How do you pack heavy books effectively ^^;;;; Any tips anyone?

Click image below to full view :D I’ll update her into gallery later on ^^;/

Who is Mirai Suenaga?

To see uncoloured sketch…

The sketch I drew had to be adjusted in photoshop to make lines darker and remove dust marks etc. As I colour I had to also adjust the nose and eyes and some shading done with pencil.

She’s sketched in pencil, adjusted in photoshop and mostly coloured in Sai. (What is Sai?) Hope you like the rendition! :)

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  1. Edward
    Edward says:

    She looks so cute and real! This is Mirai-chan in reall life? Can’t wait to see what Danny thinks. ^^
    I pack heavy books with bed sheets and bath towels. You know, just a few in each box…

  2. chun
    chun says:

    thank you! I wanted to draw her semi realistic, like someone cosplaying Mirai :) Hmmmm I was just thinking if the towels/etc will make it more heavy ;_; but thanks for the suggestion, maybe we will use smaller boxes ^^

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