Grilled bacon at home on a lazy Sunday morning ^^;

We went to Granville island the day before on a spur of the moment, checked out a new broom shop which caught my husband’s eye ^^ After that we bought some groceries home, one of the items being some slices of bacon to try ^o^

six precious slices… lol I cooked 4 :P

We eat bacon outside time to time, but I hardly cook it as the one time I tried the pan was full of grease ^^;;;

On the grill :3

5 mins later…

either 10 or 15 mins later…

Husband’s portion :D He requested sunny side up :3

I prefer my eggs well done so I scrambled mine ^^

Dash of salt and pepper on the tomato chunks ^^

Random view out of the window :)

A few people horseback riding outside :D

Pretty cool to see four riders — usually only catch one or two ^^

Mokotan went out too ;D

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4 Responses to Bacon

  1. FatB says:

    Looks like you like your bacon more crispy then me. I like it soft and chewy.

  2. chun says:

    I actually don’t mind it a bit softer, will try to reduce cook time a bit next time I make huhu (we got 2 slices left) lol

  3. kmyk says:

    you should totally save the bacon grease! it has a lot of flavour!

  4. chun says:

    Ahh! Didn’t think of it, but then when I saw how it solidifies, I feel scared for my arteries LOL

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