Interested in having your fan art of Mirai Suenaga being shown on Danny’s culture:japan?

I dug up some older fan art I did of Mirai Suenaga and etc for submission ^o^ Also updated the previous fan art of Kanata Hoshikawa to reflect the correct hair do. ^^;  The one above erm I got the idea from someone’s comment ^^; Sketched it in pencils, took a photo of it and drew/colour mostly using Sai.

I’m quite tired so gonna crash soon, will update the artwork in gallery later :)

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5 Responses to Mirai Suenaga fan art for culture:japan

  1. LOL! Shouldn’t the dolphin be blushing or squeaking? :3c

  2. chun says:

    Was too tired last nite ^^; dunno how to draw squeaking :P

  3. Arayden says:

    Squeaking -> Mouth open and 3 right-angled triangles lol

  4. garturo62 says:

    looks great, so is that Danny’s dolphin she’s cleaning.

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