The move came sooner than later and a bit unexpected to a certain extent, so even tho we started packing as soon as we could, there just feel like there was never ending amounts of stuff to sort, pack etc as the time nears ^^;

Before internet was cut off I think?

It’s pretty crazy how much (more) we accumulated the 2 years-ish period we lived there ^^;

Precious fabrics :P I value them more than a lot of the other stuff ^o^;

And despite trying to get stuff labeled, near the end some stuff we’re not too sure what’s where (oops), but well at least I am really sure where the dolls are :P And yes Taiga helped… kinda ^^;

Had some renovations done before we move in :)

Hired someone to install laminated wood floors/stairs and we also hired people to help us paint the walls ^^

The funny thing is the picture below is supposed to demonstrate a moving accident — something fell outta the car when we moved some stuff at night (oops)…

Part of the moved in mess ^^;

Hired movers to help move the bigger articles, and moved the rest in our little car, we really missed our previous car, a hatchback. Our “home office” has down sized to what felt like half it’s size :P

But we live here where it’s walkable distance to get food like below (lol) and some groceries :3

Couldn’t find our coffee for a couple days, had decaf lol

Had to get a new microwave oven as we had the one which connects to the kitchen hood replaced ^^; This one is medium size I guess, but it feels a bit noisy ^^;

Is it worth it? Well we now live nearer to sceneries like this:

Picture below do not do the sighting justice, the camera wasn’t able to capture the bright golden glow the trees seems to be emitting at the time we saw it.

Dollfie daughters were finally set free yesterday (moar pix scheduled for Thursday at the doll blog ^^/)

Okay I better go back to sorting stuff out, just wanted to say “Hai!” and make a record of all these activities :)

And to those waiting for stuffs from me, thanks for waiting! I really really appreciate it!!! I know where my sewing machine/fabrics/computer are :P just that the work space is not ready yet (grrr) Am on a temporary “desk” as I type. ^^;/

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32 Responses to We has moved

  1. yamada says:

    Really nice interior of the house, I always love wooden floors honestly. Need to take pic before I move too :D

  2. kmyk says:

    I think you got the same microwave as my mom. I went with her to get it at walmart a few weeks ago.

  3. Vonz says:

    I’d kill for a scenery like that. : D and i like the interior of the house. ^^

  4. chun says:

    yup take pix ^o^! before and after ;)

  5. chun says:

    haha cool! :D how much was it if I may ask? (Sorry took a while to reply U ^^;)

  6. chun says:

    lol kill o_o scenery will be different woh LOL! The reno work is worth it (woot) makes the place more enjoyable :)

  7. chibinezumi says:

    congratulations to you and hubby! It looks like a beautiful house and the scenery! Wow! good that the dollfie daughters get to enjoy it instead of a view inside a box :D Much happiness to you, I hope I will make the dream of owning a home happen soon ^^

  8. chun says:

    Thank you! :D the scenary require some walk but it’s good exercise lol! (was in the car when I took those shots)

  9. Danny Choo says:

    Cant wait to see your place in person!

  10. Blowfish says:

    Oh boy that reminds me how much i hate moving.The place I am living at right now isnt really that top notch but whats keeping me there is my dislike for moving ^^;;

  11. chun says:

    huuuu if/when U come to Vancouver U gotta let us know! :3!

  12. chun says:

    haha ^^; we dislike moving too, but our previous place was getting a bit busy/noisy for our liking, so we moved :3 Hopefully will stay here for longer lol

  13. Ieronymus says:

    Very nice place!! :D
    My place still needs finishing up after two years…no excuse for it since I’m a carpenter, lol!

  14. coffeebugg says:

    So THAT’s what got you busy.. I envies the view.

    And decaf! *rawr.. hiss~hiss~~*

  15. Rhibops says:

    It looks really nice chun – and you are a lot more organised than me when i moved!

  16. dropped u an e-mail! ^o^

  17. chun says:

    haha! thanks, and trust me, we’re not THAT organised!

  18. chun says:

    yes ^^; now busy with unpacking =_= it’s still quite messy GRRRR!! no like decaf? LOL

  19. chun says:

    aw! busy doing other people’s homes?

  20. yumeko says:

    wow wat a lovely new place! i wish to see it someday!

  21. chun says:

    heyhey! :D Thanks for popping by! Please do let us know if U ever come to Vancouver huhu!

  22. Pyoro says:

    so eh you guys are like living in the country side now?
    beautiful place. ^^

  23. chun says:

    I suppose it is somewhat near countryside? lol we will try to enjoy the scenery as much as possible ^^

  24. moemoekyun says:

    woa nice house but “messy” congrats chun !

  25. chun says:

    definitely still lots to rearrange ^^; after moving in have to sort/rearrange a lot of stuff! If only there’s some kinda magic to have everything snap into place without effort :P

  26. jasonnnw says:

    where is that in Vancouver? lol its so hard to tell. at first i thought Richmond, but in your comments you said vancouver. my guess is marine dr.?ish | ubc? | downtown ish? ;_; My best guess is thats the West side cause i dont go there often. laughs if it turns out to be burnaby DX. [yes i just named most of vancouver so it has to be one of them!!] [yes, i’m trying to stalk you :)]

  27. chun says:

    huhuhu not telling LOL

  28. Tommy says:

    Congrats on your new home. For a second there, I thought you had some people to fabricate some built-in drawers in your staircase. Now that would’ve been something. ^^

  29. Koharu says:

    How exciting! Hope you enjoy your new home ^^
    Gosh, I can’t believe how organised and neat all the packing is! Impressive.

  30. chun says:

    lol that would had been something indeed! But would probably cost quite a bit o_o;

  31. chun says:

    haha it took a while to find stuff so it’s not as organised as it seemed o_o it was pretty insane :P

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