Last year, we bought a sack of long grain rice as it was on sale, and it feels like it’s taking a long time for us to finish it ^^;

I missed Japanese (short grain) rice, so I got tonkatsu don from the food court just so I can eat some Japanese rice lol!

Too bad tonkatsu was only so so :P the tonkatsu was so thinly sliced,  it felt like it was around 0.5 cm thick, some parts I can barely see the meat… ^^; Luckily rice was decent ^^;

Moving along… random snow drops photos :P

Mai chan took us to Sanpachi Ramen last nite, oiishii kata XD I am kinda glad I walked a lot yesterday, I enjoyed the ramen without feeling too guilty LOL, I ordered Shio Ramen, the broth is clear and tasty :) I like that the ramen include vegetables and the Naruto slice on top is a nice touch ^^

Mai ordered Shoyu ramen this time ^^ I think it was a little salty?

Husband tried the tonkotsu ramen, I took a taste of the broth, quite tasty, there’s a hint of mushroom in it :3 the seaweed slice was covering the cha siew XD, husband also ordered some gyoza on the side ^^/

Thanks again Mai and Jon for hanging with us :D Tanoshii kata! ^o^

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    hai! Oiishiisou! ^o^


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