Relocation cruise

I had been on a cruise when I was about 11-12 years old back in Singapore, back then they call it a “cruise to no where”. This time we went on what they called a “relocation cruise” with husband and family, both terms from then and now seems to mean there is no stops for excursion during the cruise.

We boarded the ship in Vancouver and disembarked in Seattle, then took a bus back to Vancouver, on the way stopping by a Premium outlet.

To make ourselves feel like we’re celebrating our vacation, champagne was served as we board the ship lol, I’m not a big fan of alcohol so I took couple sips only ^^;

It’s my husband’s first time on a cruise, the good thing is it was pretty relaxing for him, but I guess since I don’t have to think about work or cooking dinner (lol), and actually got some leisure sketching done — will try to post those later ^^ it is somewhat relaxing for me too.  Internet was ridiculously expensive on the ship so we had no internet, we didn’t even bother bringing a laptop with us ^^;

Look!  Dolphins!  Some large prints on the wall really, we didn’t get to see any real ones :P Luckily we did not bump into pirates :P

Our rooms were not ready when we just boarded the ship, so we went to have some lunch (pix later). Weather was cloudy and grey at first but cleared up beautifully when our ship left.

We get to see the underside of the Lion’s Gate Bridge, and waved to a cyclist in the middle of the bridge when our ship passed the bridge lol!

We were lucky that we got a room with a window! ^^ It’s nice to wake up to a view of sea and sky (right now the picture only show the ship next to ours, as the ship hasn’t left the port yet lol)

Obligatory bathroom pictures, the size reminds me a little of the hotel room in Japan we stayed at before ^o^

Colourful decor around the ship ^^

This leads into a Theater, which we  watched a couple live shows at, first night was good, 2nd night they tried an asian theme… which IMHO was disasterious and cheesy, will make note to avoid any asian theme stuff in future ^^;

Theater, looking pretty when deserted lol

Ceiling near one of the open spaces and cafe.

One of the restaurants before meal times…

On the 2nd day of the trip, a lady bug was suntanning on the tanning bench I was sketching on.

One of the best thing to have when you’re in the cold open deck? Self serving soft ice cream! This is my husband’s artistic creation LOL

This is mine :P (count this a teaser for food pix)

One of the views from the ship in the evening :) so beautiful!

It was not a long cruise, just 2 nights and 2 days so that is why in the next picture… we’re in Seattle to catch a bus to go back already lol! Initially thought would be away for longer, ended up having some change in plans (am still spending some time with family tho). This coming monday is a special anniversary for me and hubs, ^^!

I believe this was our view when we were leaving the ship ^^;

Fruits are not allowed to enter the USA, so these couple of pears was abandoned ^^;

Another gorgeous day!

Ironically we ended up spending most of it sitting on the bus ^^;

Baibai Norwegian Pearl!

I brought one of my blythe dolls with me to the trip :) If you like to see the pictures, they can be found here.

Thanks for looking! :)

(Our 2 furry kids adopted from a no kill shelter which is affiliated with the cat santuary)

Non related special mention, someone stumbled upon my entry about a secret cat santuary a while back and I noticed a large amount of traffic and comments on that particular entry ^^; I’m really sorry that I didn’t/couldn’t publicise the information of that place without permission, we were specifically told not to by the lady volunteer who was giving us a tour. That shelter itself currently have about 800++ cats, maybe that’s the reason why ^^;

I will try to e-mail the information those who are  genuinely interested to make a donation or perhaps volunteer at the shelter in through comments, thanks again!

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  1. chun
    chun says:

    @heathorn thanks! :D

    @Coco the Bean hehe glad you think so! I was glad I managed to take some pix of the lady bug on holiday before it flies off lol!

  2. Arayden
    Arayden says:

    Ah, such memories, only that the cruiser looks more luxurious than Star Cruise here.

    Oh, can’t help saying Nice Boat :D.

  3. Kashii
    Kashii says:

    Pretty pictures :)
    I never been on a cruise before.
    Were you allowed to bring pets with you? Or was that just a picture of them when you returned?

  4. yamada
    yamada says:

    brings back memories of cruising when I was 12 if I’m not mistaken…wish I can cruise once again (with my girlfriend), NOT XD man isn’t life easier when someone is single for 19 years which means me XD

  5. Ayu
    Ayu says:

    Ohhh a cruise, nice! I went on one during my winter break, but it’s Carnival ^^ it was more than a week and we went on many fun excursions~ don’t you love the cruises’ food? Our room was sooooo low that we didn’t have a window, hahah orz

  6. chun
    chun says:

    @Arayden Service was so so tho, the ship is rather new I think? At most 2 years old ^^ and LOL at nice boat ^^;

    @Kashii Thanks and it’s a picture of them at home ^^ Missed those 2 little monkeys :P I think some cruises actually allow pets if U pay extra but you probably increase the risk of them catching something if the rooms are not clean enough ^^;

    @yamada well sometimes being single isn’t a bad thing :P enjoy it while U can!

    @Ayu aw! and yours sounds more interesting than ours LOL but I guess ours is more for relaxing ^^; Before I went on the cruise I was so busy that I was kinda grumpy lol! The food was so so but not bad for some of them XD I do like the fact I don’t have to cook :P

    @Michael Flux Do give us feedback when you do! :)

  7. chibinezumi
    chibinezumi says:

    The weather looked great! Blythe is a lucky she looks to be enjoying herself. This post actually made me lol I thought about my husband he gets seasick and has an unfounded irrational fear of sharks! I’m sure he would be running in terror if he saw a boat lol!

  8. chun
    chun says:

    @chibinezumi hehe it was actually a bit cold sometimes on the cruise, but otherwise it was pretty spectacular! yesterday it’s actually grey and rainy! Awww sorry about your husband’s fear XP!

  9. kmyk
    kmyk says:

    It looks so nice! We have always been thinking of taking a cruise down to seattle or maybe take the ones going to alaska, but it has never followed through. How much was the cruise down to seattle? We are thinking of popping down there in the coming months. :)

  10. chun
    chun says:

    @kmyk ah for ours it was around $250 ish, since we didn’t have excursions remember to check for rooms with window/view!

  11. marvinryan
    marvinryan says:

    ahhh… so envious. was planning to take a cruise with my wife during our honeymoon. unfortunately it was too close to winter so none of the cruises were available then. ^^;

  12. chun
    chun says:

    @marvinryan aw! well you can take her on an anniversary ;)! But then again it wasn’t very romantic with family lol!

  13. Vivian
    Vivian says:

    OMG that cruise ship is SO BEAUTIFUL, it’s absolutely gorgeoussss <
    your ice cream cone LOL looked so much better than your husbands xD no offence to your husband…….x)

  14. chun
    chun says:

    @Saku thank you :D and yes it is, but the camera will have to be able to handle it I think lol!

    @Vivian :) Well my husband was fooling around that’s why lol I’m sure if he tried he’ll do a good job too XD

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