The best Lemon Tea in the world!

On Sunday, when me and hubs were running errands we came across by sheer chance, my most favourite Lemon Tea in the whole wide world!!!! I am soooooo stoked as we had hunted for it since I moved to Canada and had no luck, we’d only see the same brand, but other types of tea — Mango, Apple, Lychee, Peach etc etc… everywhere and just NO Lemon tea! o_o I was close to getting my friends to ship some over but no luck, also it’s too heavy to ship drinks over safely too ;_;

Basically at the time, all hope was lost… until Sunday :P Must thank hubs for suddenly decided that he need to get some drinks home otherwise we’d have skipped the drinks section and miss out again!

I probably should have bought more or all of what they have on the shelf LOL! But I thought okay, if I get so many of them I gonna drink it everyday and get fat(ter) from all the sugar ^^; Came home, couldn’t resist and drank one bottle already ^^; Still tastes the same as what I remembered *wipes tears of joy*…

One of the errands today was to buy some shoes to replace the ones we have at home which were wearing out. One of the most important parts of the slippers(or all shoes in general I guess) is the insoles, if it is too hard or in a strange shape feet will definitely hurt =_=; These fluffy ones look so soft don’t they? but they feel really hard thru the soft fluffy fabric, so we passed :P

Scored these pairs, the insides feel like they have some kinda memory foam, very supportive, soft but firm enough! ^o^

Looksie I found a new hat… (not), just fooling around ^^;

I guess there was some kinda performance at the mall :) Thought of Mimi chan when I saw this ^o^

Before running errands… Met up with a friend to catch up and have yummy Pho ^O^

Had an order of what I normally have -Number three, Large this time to share with the hubs ^O^ and fried spring rolls :3 

Will end this entry with a photo of some tulips taken with camera phone :P

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  1. Coco the Bean
    Coco the Bean says:

    I love the puppy hugging the lemon tea! :D

    Btw chun, how often does zazzle have sales? I missed the $4 off they had recently because I wasn’t paying attention and tried ordering last minute, and then it turned out they don’t accept prepaid cards. x_x

  2. chun
    chun says:

    @Coco the Bean XD puppy’s kinda rubbing face on the bottle lol

    Zazzle actually have sales quite often, I usually get e-mails when they do :D

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